The Return Of Christ Consciousness

We are living in very exciting times indeed!
It was prophesied that at this time of the great awakening, the powers of the Christ Consciousness would be returned to humanity. As humanity is waking up in droves, we are activating our dormant DNA strands and activating powers like telepathy, instant healing, prophesying of the future, communing with angels and ascended masters and much more.
There are many amongst us who are activating their Adam Kadmon template which is the blueprint of the 12-Strand DNA with our fully activated Merkaba Light-Body. This new breed of indigos, crystals, rainbows and hybrids are blazing a trail for the rest of humanity as they awaken the dormant Christ Like powers within themselves and share these gifts with the rest of humanity. They provide a roadmap for serious adepts who are embarking on their own spiritual journey and raising their vibration to experience a life that seems nothing short of miraculous to the average human.
This is indeed one of the most exciting times to be alive, as we fold up the old ways of duality, and embark into a New Age where miracles abound in our existence.

With Love,
Eldora & Siman