WHAT IS IT TO BE AN ENLIGHTENED BEING Aita Channeling Her Higher Self - March 2021

Today, in March of 2021, it is wonderful to connect with you.  What a blessed day each day is now, for we look for the good, the beauty, the wonder in all that we see.

We, lightworkers, starseeds, are in a wonderful place watching the events, the turbulence, the chaos of the great awakening.  We have reached the turning point.  We have reached the place where the drip drip drip of truth, of revelation is about to break into a great flood of truth dissemination.

This February has held the darkest days before the dawn.  It seemed, for a while, that the dark had won.  And, certain though we are that all is well, as much as we trust the Divine plan for our ascension, it has been frustrating to wait day after day for our brethren to wake up from their dream spell, from their indoctrination and entrainment.

The earthly journey is a wonderful undertaking for Souls to grow themselves into a greater understanding of who and what they are.  To come to earth as innocents who have no knowledge of human life and how it can be lived.

To be entrained into the beliefs and ideas of those amongst whom we are born.  And to attempt to navigate life with the false premises and unkind notions we have adopted.

The awakening process is to fully identify the fears and traumas into which we have been inevitably trained and in understanding them, to dismiss them and leave them behind.

Awakening is a deeply personal journey that is unique to the one experiencing it.  Our early childhood entrainment gives each of us a different set of fears to overcome and release.

It is the way that we have been raised, the words that have been used to teach us.  We are taught to ignore our Spirit, the still small voice from within.  As children we are argued away from our true selves, from our internal guidance system.

We are, instead, taught to adopt the guidance system of our parents.  For our parents, our caretakers are all we have.  We, as children are helpless and feel we must conform to the wishes, the beliefs the ideas of those around us, to survive.

For the child survival means abandoning the self and merging with the parents psyche.  For to innocent young ones, the threat of abandonment means physical death.  Human children are helpless and incapable of taking care of themselves.

Thus we are totally reliant on the kindness and caretaking of our elders.  As the name “mankind” infers, the majority of humanity mean to be humane and kind.  Yet are our elders kind?

This earthly life is so designed that the shadow and the dark, the negative entrainment that we receive, create a texture against which we define the light within ourselves.

It is in the struggle to live according to the dysfunctional teachings of our parents and caretakers, that we realize and release our dysfunction and negative entrainment.

And how does this entrainment take place?  What form does this negative indoctrination take?  It is the words we use that program us.  We are so created that we adopt repeated words as our own.

This is why advertising works.  Corporations spend millions of dollars on marketing and advertisements for they know that the known, the familiar products, with known and familiar attributes, are those that will be bought by consumers educated by advertising.

The bible talks often of the importance of words.

“For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

“I tell you on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak.”

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.”

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”

So, how do we speak?  What do we say that so trains us into dysfunctionality?  We repeat the words that we have heard over and over again.  They come automatically to us and our reactive nature.

We must understand that our physical bodies are as computers.  They are programmed by words.  And what words do we hear in childhood?  We hear the same words from our parents that they heard from their parents.

And so, we are told, do what I say – or else!  You are not a good student.  You are ugly.  You are a nuisance.  Why can’t you be like your sister, your brother, your friend.  I wish you were never born.

You’re stupid.  You’re useless.  Can’t you do anything right.  Show me some respect and do what I tell you.  Don’t be a baby.  This is your fault.  Didn’t you know that.  You’re too fat.  You’re too short.  You’re too tall.  Stop crying you baby.  I’ll give you something to be unhappy about.  Shutup.

Our feelings, our emotions are denied, shoved down, we become automatons, repeating that which has been said to us.

And so it goes on the negative litany of words that we adopt as the truth about ourselves.  And, as we grow into adults, these casual words of our parents rule our lives.  We repeat the words that we have heard in our youth over and over again.  And these words, these teachings create our reality.

So, it is to the words we use, to  the details of our speech that we must look for our salvation.  What is it to behave Divinely?  It is to become aware of, to watch every word that comes out of our mouth.

For words define who we are and who our children are.  Words are our creative mechanism.  And so our parents use negative affirmations on us.  And we take these harsh words as defining who we are.

When we die, when we leave this physical world and return to the Spirit realm, we have a past life review.  That review shows us each detail of the events of our life, of how our words and deeds affected the people around us.

There is no judgement from any other than ourselves.  And when we see how our heedless words and actions affect others, we ourselves, as a fragment a particle of God, say that we must return to earth and repair the damage we have done to our brethren.

And so we have been on the round and round cycle of karma.  Each generation repeating the cruel and careless words of the previous generation.  Each generation being tempered into dysfunctionality  and unkindness by the words of their caretakers.

And now it is the time of the great awakening.  And what must we awaken to.  We must become aware and awake of everything we say and do.  We need to stop concentrating on ourselves.  Stop thinking repetitively, automatically and spouting the words our families have spouted for generations.

We need to think of those we are with.  What is their understanding, how will they interpret what I say.  What effect are my words having on them.  How can I lift them.

Let us leave everyone with a smile on their face.  Let us lift our brethren with our light, with our enthusiasm, with our understanding, unconditional listening, loving, encouraging words.

Thus we keep ourselves and each other in an upspiral of love.  Thus we stay in the high vibration the frequency of unconditional caring and kindness.  And so peace comes to earth at last and mankind is freed from the pokes and prods of negative entrainment.

For it is by our words that we poke at each other negatively, or we lift each other in frequency from our false and dark ideas about ourselves.

Let us all behave Divinely.  Let us be careful of the words we say.  Let us be considerate of how we affect our brethren.  And dear brethren, this is what we lightworkers, wayshowers are doing.

We are first and foremost loving ourselves.  Let the words, “I am the truth, I am the light, I am the love, I am” ring from your lips.  Repeat over and over again, I am beautiful, I am wonderful, I am powerful.  I love what I do.  My life is good.  Give yourself a rampage of appreciation.  For you are that you are human, but you are all that you are Divine.

Each day write loving affirmations about yourself knowing that you are a holy loving child of God.  Knowing that your Soul is perfection itself.  And as you love yourself with your internal language, so you will automatically use the same language on your brethren, and you will love your brethren as you love yourself.

Yes, life is good and getting better as we reveal and repair the source of our dysfunction.  And, the best is yet to come dear hearts, indeed, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.