Ron Giles on Feb. 2, 2021 said, "There are a lot of RV, QFS and GESARA related questions that can be easily Seen by Oneself if, indeed One Knows the composition of the Earth Alliance (EA).

"At 9 am on Sept. 11, 2001, we had 9-11 and the destruction of the Twin Towers and Tower #7. And Humanity found out that the Deep State is deadly serious about maintaining control over Humanity, even to the point that they will kill or destroy anyone and anything that gets in their way.

"At 10 am Alan Greenspan was scheduled to publicly announce NESARA, the new Law that was the remedy for the illegal activities of the Banking industry in cahoots with the gov't. This public announcement would have fulfilled the requirements to bring NESARA into Positive Law.

"The banks and the gov't illegally foreclosed on family farms in the Midwest that were owned by Allodial Title giving Land Patents to the farms. A Land Patent gives legal protection against illegal Land grabbers. It is illegal to foreclose on any property owned with Allodial Title. USA Inc. thought they owned the Land when they foreclosed on the Federal US Republic Lands. They didn't honor property rights.

"A Land Farm with this kind of title can only be transferred by the property owner voluntarily; meaning that it cannot be taken away by any other means. The properties in question were pledged to the banks by the unknowing, innocent owner as security for a loan. They had no option, to pledge the land, or no loan. Forfeiture of the property was written into the loan if not paid back on time. This was against the law; the banks knew it and the County clerks from the County gov'ts knew it as well.

"The clerks recorded the transfer of title to the banks without the voluntary signature of the legal owner. It was pure fraud perpetrated and justified by the illegal foreclosure of America to USA, Inc. NESARA is about reclaiming all these Lands and paying for the illegal court cases and legal fees back to these People along with returning lots of Indigenous American Indian Land and not limiting them to Reservation Lands and sick Casinos.

"Consequentially, the NESARA Law was put on hold for the next 20 years and a meticulous Plan with military precision had to be put into place to right this wrong by the illegal Central Bank System that has put America into debt slavery.

"Has anybody publicly asked a politician who we owe the National Debt to? Who loaned the USA the money they created out of thin air and then charged us interest on that money? The Culprit is the Federal Reserve Bank, a private organization owned by 13 banking families. This is the greatest gov't-sponsored travesty ever committed against Humanity on Earth's surface.

"All of our Income Tax goes to pay the debt on the Federal Reserve loans. We can never pay off the debt, the Fed does not want the loans paid off, they just want their interest payments and 20% to 30% of the income of US citizens that goes directly to these 13 families. Who is looking out for the interests of the people, certainly not any of our highly esteemed but satanic and criminal politicians? JFK tried and they shot Him (albeit his clone, and the Q Movement Earth Alliance began to form worldwide, and He passed on at the writing of this).

"The Central Bank has tentacles into every facet of the US Republic and similarly in every Country. There is no way we can ever get out from under these satanic demons. Who can defeat these Soulless miscreants? Millions of prayers, for hundreds of years, have gone out asking God to help us. Divine timing is everything!

"In His mercy our God Source has moved into place a Divine Plan to defeat and eliminate from power these demons that have a death hold on mankind. It has been in play for thousands of years to destroy the evil amongst us and bring in the Permanent Golden Age of Humanity described in all Scriptures and indigenous Prophecies, which all say exactly the same thing in slightly different words. The good vs evil contrast takes time to See and then to make a choice on, so the EA formed and has been working behind the scenes since then and has become a huge Movement today. The EA is composed of:

1. Ascended Masters, including Jesus-Sananda, Mohammad, St. Germain, Lord Buddha, etc., Angels, and other Celestial Entities from the Spiritual Realms, including the Higher Self, or Oversoul of all Light Workers. This is our personal Direct Connection to the EA and every Human has It.

2. Benevolent ETs from advanced Star Systems, some of whose Inhabitants have Consciously Incarnated on the Earth as Bodhisattva Humans at this time (over 4.5 Billion of us) to help all Humanity succeed and may include some of the Ascended Masters in 1.

3. White Hat Awake Humans who take on the Bodhisattva Vow, with the Knowledge that It will be fulfilled in this last lifetime in all militaries and gov'ts worldwide and in the public at large.


Each of These Groups have come with Their own powers that provide a complete Blanket of Protection for the Divine Plan to succeed. It was not just to defeat the enemy, rather to start a New Earth that serves Humanity as originally created before the fall of man, sense of separation and lust for power and control over those parts of Itself it felt separate from. The benefits include a new system of Inside Out Holy Spirit Governance with no outer gov't and NESARA and It's global version of GESARA Law and a new Quantum Financial System (QFS) that serves Humanity, rather than rapes and kills them starting at a young age.

The Heavenly Realms engaged Their Best to assist with the demise of those who have taken away our freedom of choice and to pursue life, liberty and Bliss basic in our US Declaration of Independence and Natural Constitution Rights. The Heaven Masters came with the ability to know all persons on the Earth; their needs, talents, Awareness level and also their hearts. They also have knowledge of where the enemy resides and how to terminate their despicable hatred of humans and remove them from all Creation, as they have created much chaos. They came to stop the satanists and rescue the children trafficked for sex. They are here to create justice for those precious Souls sexually abused, tortured and killed in their satanic sacrificial rituals. The Human Race is not here to support their satanic rituals anymore. That's God’s Decree, so it's now becoming a thing of the past.


"ETs came with advanced weaponry that could be used by Humanity with the Universal Rules of Engagement. They cannot engage our enemies for us, but can assist us with Their technologies. However, They can engage the enemy if They are asked to when things are beyond the White Hats' abilities to fight the enemy's superior technology.
"The Plan included the employment of warriors on both sides of the veil. The highest Technology must be available to find and defeat the entrenched enemy. The evil has technology far beyond the ability of the EA warriors to defeat, so this Technology had to be imported from advanced benevolent Star Systems' ETs that had Technology proven effective against intruders. Their Technology was not offensive weapons of war, but rather Their weapons of defense were based on Love and Self-determination. This avoided any Karmic liability.


"The White Hats include many in the militaries worldwide bearing the major burden of engaging with and eliminating the enemy completely. These are the Awake ego-free Humans that put Themselves in harm's way for the highest good of all Humanity.

"Can you imagine the horror of going into a dark tunnel to find the enemy, go through a firefight to terminate the cowards who have been torturing and killing our Children, and then see the broken, tortured, and gruesome bodies of the Children as they hang onto what semblance of life They have left? Vomit bags are issued with Their combat gear.

"Let's provide for these brave Men and Women a Med Bed to erase Their minds so They can come Home to Their Families and have a Divine Life along with all of Us. The Children and other victims will be taken care of via the Med Beds first. They are in the Hands of God's Loving EA.

"As We patiently Consciously support Them in all ways outside of that arena, by spreading the behind the scenes EA good news of the EA winning the battle, let us resolve to dedicate our Lives and RV Zim Bond Note funds to finish the battle against poverty and the tragedies Humanity has endured at the hands of these sub-human miscreants.

"Our time is coming in March 2021 when God unleashes His Army of over 4.5 billion Lightworkers, over 1/2 of Humanity, with the other less than 1/2 Awakening and joining Them in exponential numbers by the day, including some of the satanists, with the heart to bring Freedom to all His Children and Creation. We are that part of the Plan that will reclaim all Land worldwide and form thereon all the money-free Food Forest Shambhala Communities of God's Original Divine Creation before the fall of Humanity that will eventually replace all cities and money after the RV/GCR and GESARA money are released to all. We are thus Directly Connected to the EA and working alongside Them, Infinitely Grateful to serve the God in all along with Them!

"Divine Sovereign Humanitarian Starseeds come from Their Hearts. Large sums of money for Their SCs won't change Them, as They are using it to go beyond money into Thy Divine Plan of the money-free SCs. They will Co-Create the SCs for all Humanity so all Life can Thrive in overabundance in Bliss and Divine Love, Completing what all the Prophets started, Fulfilling all Prophecies."