Take what resonates and leave what does not…

By Daniel Divine on 26.02.2021

Arrests and clearing of the whole DS (Deep State) cabal group worldwide continues. The EA (Earth Alliance) has managed to clear the vast majority of their underground bases and made a significant blitzkrieg breakthrough on Feb. 10 and now holds the upper hand in the subterranean domain and sex trafficking is almost at a complete end.

Light Forces have also managed to clear practically all DS negative quantum superposition exotic weapons and technologies and have dissolved the 'Schwab' quantum matrix etheric scalar technology, which was the main energy field behind the Great Reset. Now that this Schwab matrix has decomposed, the DS cabal's whole dark plan is slowly falling apart.

Dragon forces on Earth's surface are very active behind the scenes and are taking active countermeasures against the Jesuits and their Great Reset plans. Humanity appears to be coming closer to herd immunity.

People are beginning to organize against the cabal's lockdown legally and politically and it should end around the Prophesied Big Event on March 1 when all worldwide take off their masks permanently and all the Kachinas (Starseeds) Dance in the Town Squares making the whole world never-ending Golden Age Festival Ground. More than 25% of Hong Kong's population of 7.4 million people protested Feb. 20 and 21. Largest protest to date. This will probably be dwarfed worldwide on March 1 Big Event.

Now that the quantum superposition dark technologies are almost gone, the Tunnels of Set are almost gone also and implants are not quantumly entangled anymore. This makes Spiritual growth in Awakening and implant clearing easier, as when you now start clearing your implants you're not also clearing all other implants in the planetary grid anymore.

They used FISA, we used FISA. They used false flags, we used false flags. Sometimes you must fight fire with fire to get the job done. The 2018 EO for foreign interference gave Trump wide constitutional powers. He knew that well in advance they would try and steal the election. You think he didn't plan for it? Besides project looking glass, the NSA had their own intel well in advance.

Scott McKay on Feb. 24 said, "While Biden pretended to be Pres., Trump headed US, Russian, Taiwanese and Indian forces helping China's Pres. Xi invade the Chinese Mainland to remove the remaining CCP and install an interim GESARA gov't when all gov'ts worldwide are reelected in March-April. All will happen within the next few months according to the EA of Nations headed by Pres. Trump. See"

Scott McKay Updates at and said, "Cristen W. is Chinese from China, lived in Singapore for years and now resides in Florida, USA with her husband.

"The lifting of the restrictions of the Taiwan Relations Act is more substantive than it appears, in-fact it was actually the dissolution of the Taiwan Relations Act. The US gov't is no longer recognizing the 'People's Republic of China' as the legitimate gov't of the mainland. This is being done jointly with Chairman Xi and Pres. Trump and although this cannot be brought to the public light at this time, all will be revealed shortly.

"Prior to the dissolution of the Taiwan Relations Act, the US Indo-Pacific command under the directions of Pres. Trump and the Taiwan R.O.C. military were preparing an occupation force for the mainland when the CCP collapses in the coming month. The Taiwan Relations Act was dissolved, as if it remained, it would have been a legal barrier to help with the occupation of the Chinese mainland with the R.O.C. Taiwan forces.

"Chairman Xi has been removing key CCP loyalists within the Chinese military structural command. This was done to install Chinese PLA forces with military leadership loyal to Chairman Xi and the EA and to facilitate the upcoming occupation of the Chinese mainland with US and R.O.C. occupational forces. In the coming month, Chairman Xi will be dissolving the People's Republic of China, stepping down from the CCP leadership and using Chinese forces to keep order and the Chinese economy from collapsing while the US and R.O.C. forces install a provisional GESARA gov't led by Taiwan R.O.C. All of this will be done peacefully and not be that dissimilar to what happened in the former USSR when it collapsed.

"This will all occur before March 2021. The resources of msm have to be removed to facilitate this. Pres. Trump's plan has always been to remove all the CCP in China and the CCP influence worldwide, with the leadership of Chairman Xi Jinping."

Simon Parkes on Feb. 25 said, "The reason for the outage in the Federal Reserve is due to the difficulty in understanding how to maintain the process when the operating system was changing to the New Paradigm QFS. Many Trillions of dollars were backed up as the payment by wire system collapsed. After just over 1 hour, the system came back. See and"

Big Call Bruce said, "On Feb. 24 at 10 am EST they shut down the Federal Reserve System and didn't allow any more bank wires to go through the old SWIFT System. The QFS was absorbed by the new US Treasury by 6 pm EST Feb. 24. Transactions now go ledger to ledger in 1 min, rather than 10-11 days. $111 Trillion is held by the US Treasury out of US taxpayer dollars. A little over $4 Trillion of that is designated to each state that declares themselves as a Sovereign State in the restored US Republic to be used for infrastructure. There are 37 states so far that are part of the new restored US Republic. All but 7 are on the QFS and pegged to the new Gold-backed UST dollar.

"The QFS trading platform, where 23 global currencies were available to be traded, activated at 2 am EST on Feb. 25. The total activation of the QFS System occurred at 4 pm EST on Feb. 25. Redemption Centers will be ready with schedules Feb. 26 to March 6. Groups are expected to be notified that they have access to funds Feb. 28 when Trump will also give his keynote CPAC address at 5 pm EST and may announce RV/GCR and GESARA.

"RV/GCR is expected to kick off on March 1. Tier 4b is expected to be notified March 2 to schedule appts. to Redeem/Exchange. On March 15 GESARA with all debt forgiveness worldwide may be announced to the general public. Ides of March is also a full moon that falls on March 15 when all debts worldwide are expected to be gone.

"All will be getting new Sovereign Live birth certificates and State and Country IDs and may be able to use them to Redeem/Exchange. Until then use your current one."

Judy Byington on Feb. 25 said, "After the election [B]iden made a deal with China for a $4 billion tradeoff that allowed the CCP to test their new HAARP weather warfare machine on Texas. Last week a Military Intel contact said that Texas was targeted with weather warfare coming from Polar Vortex ice storms because Texas was likely to be the seat of a restored US Republic federal gov't complex Capitol being formed in the Houston and/or Austin, TX.

"The restored US Republic is grounded in the GCR return to Gold-backed currency by 209 Nations of the EA is in the process of happening right now. The Safe Link Website will be giving here when I find out what it is, plus it will be posted on several Dinar Websites. By linking into the Safe Link Website it will generate a Non Disclosure Agreement to sign in order to obtain a Redemption/Exchange appt.

"Q said, Future proves the past, not even the banks will survive the shift of the Ages.

"Regarding the Covid Psyop fear is still gripping many people and that is the reason for their senseless compliance in what is for many of us an obvious totalitarian and unlawful tactic to control people. The NWO has been using it for so long and still the masses don't catch on so we just keep finding workarounds to the separation, isolation, masks, vaccines, suicide and uncomfortable silence that has gripped the minds of so many.

"Fortunately the Awake are fighting back, yet the slight majority still cower and won't even consider it. They're content to be sheep; herded and corralled into smaller and smaller containers until they are in a virtual straight jacket.

"The Kardashian family is all arrested awaiting Military tribunal along with Caitlyn Bruce Jenner. Liam Nielson is EA.

"The Child Protective Services in many states are a front for the international child exploitation sex rings, more to come, so that all fronts will soon be eliminated.

Photo is Art with the 1 Hectare Food Forest Family Garden Homesteads (FGHs) of the Shambhala Communities (SCs), which will eventually cover all Earth's surface Land missing because They haven't yet been uncovered or Co-Created by all the Awake Humanity to replace all cities and money worldwide. There will be some open spaces on each FGH, but not this much where You don't even see part of the lots of Trees and plants of the 9-Layer Food Forest, pond and Nature Home of FGHs.