SATAN1C R1TUAL ABUSE WHISTLEBL0WER - Rachel Vaughan speaks with JC Kay - Hope Beyond the Tunnels

JC Kay: Today, I finally got to do an interview with my dear friend of 13 years, Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor and Whistleblower, Australian, Rachel Vaughan. 

We kept this interview brief, as I was cautious about her recalling her traumas, as it could trigger PTSD in her or even dissociation, so for any viewers who are sensitive I must make this clear:

THIS VIDEO HAS A TRIGGER WARNING: we will be speaking about some graphic things that may trigger survivors of sexual and physical abuse, or torture, and therefore must be viewed with caution. 

Rachel will be talking about Bloodline families, surviving Satanic Ritual Abuse, the tunnels under Australia, and much more incredible information that will make even the hardened skeptic believe.

We also talk about survival and hope for those victims in the future, so not all is lost.

Watch this video on Bitchute if taken down from Youtube.