You are all co-creators in this wonderful Universe of ours. Whatever you want you can have. Whatever you believe in, will happen. Your thoughts create your reality. You each live in your own world and your own reality is your own perception. To manifest your dreams, be very clear about what it is that you want. Manifestation cannot always happen immediately for if that were the case you would be crating havoc in your own environment. You need to sit down and think seriously about what you want, be it a new relationship, new home or a new car.

Build upon these thoughts, make them real, visualise what it is that you want, feel it actually happening. There are many, many books on manifestation and many techniques such as having pictures around you, of what you would like to manifest. Read these books and learn about Intention which some call “MAGIC”. The most important thing is to be specific and BELIEVE, you will get what you want. Be very clear about what you want. The old adage says “Be careful what you wish for lest it come true” as it always does!!! The Universe always does give you what you want but not always in the way that you want it.

You have been given free will and if you keep saying that you are always poor, you always will be poor. Work on the opposite way of thinking and it will happen. Manifestation is also about soul growth and experience with which the Universe cannot interfere so if you do not have much money you may be rich in other ways. It maybe that your soul wants to experience not having money for a time and your manifestation about being rich may take longer. If you are ill, maybe the soul wants to experience this at the time. Only your own thoughts can change your experience. Believing that you can be well, will manifest your well being.

Every single problem has a spiritual solution. You may feel that you are in a situation that you do not want to be in, but it may be that your soul has decided there is something in that situation that it needs to learn for it’s own growth. If you have learnt from a certain situation and want to change it, think of what it would be like to be in the opposite situation. After awhile you will get what you so desire and understand the lesson you have learnt. Sometimes you need to be patient but as you work on yourself in meditation and being the best that you can be in your life, you will find that manifestation will happen faster.

This Dear Channel works with her Angels and always asks for a car parking spot and she always gets one wherever she is. It is just a small step away to believe that you can get the relationship, house or car that you want.


Create a special place in your home to use as a Temple. Keep an altar in this special place with an image of any spiritual figure with which you connect. It can be a God, Goddess, Ascended Master, a Wise man or woman, Angel, Fairy or beings in other dimensions. Decorate your altar with special things that apply to you and any images that you want to manifest such as coins for money, pictures of happy couple for relationships or models of cars or houses that you would like. It is also beautiful to have flowers or feathers on your altar.

Pagans who have been working with practical magic for many years also use pentagrams, athames and images of their own Gods and Goddesses. They work with the five corners of the pentagram to reflect the 5 elements, AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH and SPIRIT. They work with Nature in many ways and celebrate the stages of the moon in ceremony. Ceremonies at a New Moon can be for starting something new and at Full Moon for completions. It matters not, what matters is your own intention. You can do this yourself at your altar or in a place in Nature. You can use elements on your altar to represent the 4 quarters of the Earth.

EAST: A Feather to represent Air.

SOUTH: A candle to represent Fire.

WEST: A pot of Water.

NORTH: Soil or salt for Earth.

SPIRIT: A model of your own Deity.

Start your own ceremony by honouring the elements and points of the Earth. For example:

Facing the East imagine that you are opening a sacred circle.

Welcome and honour the Guardians of the EAST and the element of AIR.

Turn to the SOUTH and the element of FIRE and repeat,
Turn to the WEST and WATER,
Turn to the NORTH and EARTH,
Finally honour SPIRIT ABOVE and BELOW.
Sit in silent contemplation, meditating on your desire. You can also make up chants for what you want and sing them into existence. There are many ways to manifest, have fun with this.

When you are finished, close the circle by facing the NORTH thanking and bidding farewell to the Guardians of each element.

Face the NORTH and the element of EARTH.
To the WEST and WATER,
To the SOUTH and FIRE,
To the EAST and AIR thanking the Guardians of each element including SPIRIT.

This can be done easily on your own in your own home or in a group in a sacred place in Nature or a stone circle which may have been used in ceremony for centuries.

Have fun with these procedures. It is not important how it is done. It is your LOVE and INTENTION which is the most important act. Keep your special place clear of clutter to represent a clear and focussed mind.

A simple Meditation ceremony:

Go to your special place. Sit quietly and clear your mind. Bring to mind any wishes and dreams you would like to come into existence. Write the most important wish or dream on a piece of paper. Be specific. Do not just ask for money, ask for a healthy bank account or a specific item that you want. If you would like a partner, say exactly how you want him or her to be. You can draw what you want, cut out a picture in a magazine or use a small model to reflect what you want.

Light a candle in the colour that you think would typify what you want such as red for money, pink for Love, green for nature, blue for travel across the seas.

Close your eyes and practice the progressive relaxation as used before in previous meditations. Go to your sacred place in nature and relax in the company of your Guides and Angels. Start to imagine what you want to manifest using all of your senses.

Imagine Seeing what you want. Hearing it. Feeling its Touch, even Smelling or Tasting it.

Imagine what your life would be like, if you actually achieved your desire. Do not be surprised if this desire changes in the meditation to something that would be better for you.

Stay in the meditation for at least 20 minutes.

It has been said before that your subconscious does not know the difference between imagination and reality and will work to get exactly what you want. Ask the UNIVERSE, GOD/GODDESS, ANGELS, ASCENDED MASTERS, your own HIGHER SELF or whoever you feel is appropriate to work with, to help you achieve your desire.

Now imagine the image of this desire being given to this being and floating out into the Universe. Thank this being, say goodbye and come back to full waking consciousness.

Now let this desire go and KNOW in your heart that this desire WILL come into fruition.

The more that you work and have fun with this so called MAGIC, the more you will BELIEVE, the more that you will ACHIEVE and the faster you will MANIFEST.


Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 13.02.2021