The Accidental Patriot


February 14, 2021 by Catherine Viel

I’ve never considered myself particularly to be a Patriot. Sure, singing the Star-Spangled Banner or God Bless America can bring a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat. But a Patriot with a capital P? Not on my radar.

Until now. The other day I was thinking the usual gloomy thoughts about how we’re all going to be taken over by Communist China if Joe Biden stays in power, even though his “election win” was fraudulently and criminally achieved…

And suddenly, the thought of the Constitution pops into my head. If the Constitution stands, we stand. An illegal president doesn’t have a chance against righteous, lawful Americans, with the Constitution at our backs.

A wave of love for our country, love for our people, love for freedom, overwhelms me. It is something so intrinsic and so important, and so deep, I don’t even realize it most of the time.

It’s breaking my heart. Breaking my heart open. I am truly seeing how America is God given. God protected and God loved. 

No other country can match the perfection of freedom and rule of law that envelop America, that protect and honor our citizens. No other citizens in the world have the freedoms we have – freedom of speech, of gathering, of worship. All of which have been eroded so massively in the last year that we hardly look like America anymore.

There is a special magical alchemical process that went into creating the Constitution of the United States and this country that we have evolved into. And I refuse to allow the possibility that we will become a mere aside, an asterisk in history.

Oh, yes, that was when the unwashed masses had a few moments of freedom. A few hundred years that were merely a blip on the screen of time. They didn’t realize what they had, and they put on blinders when the danger stole in through a side door.

I don’t for a minute think anyone who voted for Biden did so because they actually “love“ him. I think they voted for “not Trump.“ (As we now know, many of them weren’t even people, but electronic blips or marks on a piece of paper generated by criminal foreign and domestic entities attempting to take over this country.)

People truly do love Donald Trump. They know that President Trump didn’t put blinders on, didn’t ignore the enemy stealing in the side door. He believes wholeheartedly in America and the Constitution. He understands that there is a deadly threat to it, to us, to our country, to every single person who lives here.

People who voted for not-Trump didn’t realize what they were doing, not really. I suspect they fell under the spell of the media machine’s outright lies and didn’t know there was more truthful reporting available. The media censorship made finding the truth almost impossible unless you already knew where to look.

The not-Trump voters surely want what is best for themselves and their families, the economy, the country, humanity. Exactly the things that President Trump stands for. Exactly the things that the Communists (who they let in the side door by voting for Joe Biden) would take away.

Hardly anybody is evil and wicked in their hearts. Most of us are good folks and want to help ourselves and others have the best lives possible.

I believe that when the not-Trump voters finally realize they have unwittingly imperiled the very things they thought they were protecting and promoting, they will rise up en masse and stand with the determined and fierce citizens of this country who did vote for Donald Trump, knowing it was a vote for freedom, for our Constitution, for our way of life and for America.

Because none of us really wants to be censored and vaccinated and social-distance-masked into loneliness and illness, despair and poverty and oblivion. None of us really wants to be living in Communist China-America.

"Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun…We remain one People, one family, and one glorious nation under God, and it’s our responsibility to preserve this magnificent inheritance for our children and for generations of Americans to come."

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America (February 13, 2021, following acquittal of charges of impeachment)