FREE WILL, LIMITATIONS AND EMOTIONS - Aita Channeling Her Higher Self - February 2021

Is not life wonderful Dear Brethren, our Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds in February of 2021.  Now that you have stepped out of your hypnotized dream state, now that you have moved into the frequency of love, of conscious awareness, life is good.

You are awake now with thoughts of how nice, how happy, how shall I spend this bright new day.  You say to yourself, “this is a day that God has made and I will revel in it.”

Dear Ones, you are learning to live in the present moment.  The frequency of your environment, the frequency of planet earth has been raised to the degree that we can leave the heavy third dimensional fears and worries behind.

We, who have worked on ourselves, we who have cleansed ourselves of the dysfunctional indoctrination and teachings of our childhood, we are moving into a whole new way of being.

We came here to planet earth to experience emotions.  The frequency we were born into supported fear and negative emotions.  And our parents and caretakers, having been trained into negativity themselves, provided for us the indoctrination that would teach us fearful thoughts and dark imaginings.

The spirit realm has no negative emotions.  The high frequency of the spirit realm ensures that we are bathed in love and bliss, joy, peace and gratitude and all the wonderful qualities of God, of love.

These are not emotions, these are feelings that are inherent in the flow, the glow the knowingness of love.  Love is not an emotion.  Love is a way of being at a high frequency.

In human terms love forms an aura around us, a freedom, that radiates out into our world and lifts those around us.  Love has, inherent within its flow wisdom, discernment, kindness, caring, communion, camaraderie, beauty, passion, peace, joy, bliss, gratitude, compassion and all the sensations that are goodly and Godly, light and loving. These are heavenly feelings.  These are the feelings of freedom and liberation from all fears.

In the spirit realm as fragments of God, with no material form, we revel in the flow of this love.  We are content in the beautiful feeling, the beautiful frequency, the love quotient that surrounds us.

And so there is, in this sense, no free will in heaven.

There we do not want or need free will.  For we are a part of God, and we know we are a part of God, in communion and camaraderie with God/Source and our brethren.

Why would we want to change anything?  What would we need free will for? We would feel no limitation, we would have no negative emotions.  Fear would not be a part of our vocabulary.

Here on earth, as incarnate souls in human bodies, we experience limitation and emotion.  And so fear is an inherent part of our life.

We are born into this world with our life plan already in place.  Our soul knows what we need to experience here on earth to grow itself.

We put together this life plan with our angels, our guides and our soul family.  And, we purposefully include events that will give us negative emotions. 

These events provide the limitations that we come to earth to experience.

And these limiting events, a divorce, a death in the family, difficult relationships, the loss of a job and so on, these limiting events lead to negative emotions.

It is here that free will comes in.  For on earth we are free to choose love or fear.  That is free will.  For in each situation, in every moment of our life, we can choose how to respond to that event.  Do we respond with love, or do we fall into fear and experience all the negative emotions that go with fear.

In the low frequency that held the earth in its grip, it was easy to choose fear.  It was easy to respond reactively, dysfunctionally, as we had been taught.

And so, reacting to negative events, we felt anger, hatred, jealousy, depression, shame, blame, guilt and many more uncomfortable feelings.

These harsh and discordant emotions were our teachers in schoolroom planet earth.  For we were here to learn that we did not prefer these dark feelings that took over our whole human beingness.

That had us writhing in discomfort and dark perplexity.

And, the same situations kept recurring, for we kept responding to the same triggers, the same limiting events, in the same way.  So, we might well ask, “Why is this happening to me again, and again, and again.  Why the five divorces, why the several job losses, why financial challenge after financial challenge?

Free will is the ability to choose a different response to the same event.  And so, at last, when we responded differently to the happenings in our life, when we chose the loving response, the lesson had been learnt.

Planet earth is indeed our schoolroom.  Planet Earth is a great stage, a great holographic movie, that has been set up for our education.  And we great souls, in human bodies are the actors.  We play the part of the kind ones, the caring and considerate empaths.

And we, human beings, also play the part of the dark ones, the narcissists, who are service to self.  Who ignore the feelings of those around them and are out only for their own aggrandizement. They are a gift to us empaths, for they provide the limitations that lead us to emotions.

And the emotions are our teachers.  In learning to avoid them we choose love.  And thereby we wake up from our dream state.  We stay in that unconscious dream state as long as we have lessons to learn.

Our lesson is always to choose love in all situations and against all limitations.  That is the gift of free will.  That we can choose love.  That we can choose to see things differently.

We can see things with the eyes of God. We are not God, but we are Gods children, learning, expanding, increasing our love and joy and bliss.  And the eyes of God see the earth as a schoolroom where his children are learning, are experiencing, are growing.

And so, there are no accidents.  All is happening as it is intended. Earth is a schoolroom where limitation and emotion are experienced, fear is felt and negatively reacted to.

That is, until free will is exercised and a loving response is chosen.  That loving response is forgiveness. For nothing wrong ever happened.

That divorce, that job loss, that financial challenge, was a gift, it was our learning lesson.  And now you, our dear lightworkers, starseeds have been through the planet earth schoolroom and graduated with high honors.

And so, indeed it is time to follow your bliss, do what makes you happy.  This is the happy part of your earthly life.  Watch with contentment the great awakening, the events of the ascension, knowing as you do that you are watching a stage play.

It is assured that all is well, trust God’s plan.  And know that the best is yet to come, yes the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.