Twin Flame Ascension Report February 2021: We are birthing the New Earth... Starseeds you were born for this


Dearest beloveds,

greetings of the most high. We come forward now, in this moment of your time, with much news to share with you. Today is the 1st of February, which is celebrated as Freedom Day in the United States and is recognized as Imbolc in all pagan festivities that are taking place around the world.

Imbolc is a very powerful time as at this time we experience the stirring of the mother goddess, who has been hibernating in her cave all winter long.

Imbolc is symbolic of the energy that is about to burst at the time of spring and summer. She has a very powerful and potent energy, which shows us Unequivocally that we are moving out of the harsh energies of winter, into the warmer climates of spring and summer.

There is so much going on behind the scenes at the moment. And so much of what is being presented on the mainstream media is simply not factual and accurate with regards to truly what is being played out at the moment. This is not the time or the place to speak about what is taking place on the geopolitical arena. That is really everyone's own responsibility to do their own research. But what I will say is that nothing is as it seems. The White Hats are in control and God has already won. There are so many things that will now play out in these coming weeks and everything that we, the light workers, the truth tellers have been speaking about will come to pass.

We are entering the time of disclosure, and this message comes to everyone with great joy and jubilation as Those from the higher realms of consciousness wish to inform us all that humanity's consciousness has been able to reach a critical mass of awakened souls.

Please know that this has all been a part of the White Hat agenda to turn up the atrocities of the tyrannical globalist governments in order to show unsuspecting humanity that indeed there has been a tyrannical force, even satanic force, that has sought to govern God's most precious children. What we are currently experiencing at the moment is the fall of Babylon, the fall of Rome, the fall of the deep state, the fall of the cabal.

A perfect analogy to describe what is occurring right now is a collapsing skyscraper. If a skyscraper is in the process of collapsing from its central core, there is simply no way on God's great Earth that whatever anyone does, that skyscraper can not ever be put back together again.

This is a perfect analogy to explain what is going on with the deep state. The deep state has collapsed. That's not to say that there aren't a few very low level minions still acting out the despicable agenda of the deep state, in order to harvest the last remaining bits of louche that they can.

It bears mentioning in this ascension report that many of us are experiencing parents of ours, opening themselves up to what we in the spiritual community have now termed the Maxine. It is so hard to watch people that we love making these choices of filling their bodies with untested toxins,, but it bears mentioning here that everybody is on their own individual path to sovereignty and God realization.

Therefore for the most part it is not anyone's place to intervene with another adults decision. If you are observing a family relative, or indeed your mother or father, choosing to take the shot, then you must understand that this is their personal soul contract that they have made with mother-father God.

Ultimately, this is between each individual and God, and has got absolutely nothing to do with us. At this day and age, we all have access to information. for the most part, We all have the internet especially in the West. And we all have the ability to be able to research the ingredients that are being placed in the shots and the side effects that many people are experiencing.

If somebody is refusing to do that research and is choosing to not realize that it truly is a gamble like Russian roulette, then there is nothing that you can do about that except pray. You cannot step in and force anyone to stop taking it. Because as I said before, this is their personal decision that is between them and God.

This is very much connected to the bifurcation timeline split. And as I mentioned in a recent Facebook post, it feels like many of us are having to grieve our parents and loved ones already, those that have chosen to adhere to the mainstream narrative and allow themselves to be controlled like cattle.

If the government says jump, these people say, how high Mr. Prime Minister.

And on the other camp, there is those of us that are awakened and are at one with our sovereignty and in full remembrance that there is no higher spiritual authority in the world other than us.

Please know brothers and sisters, that it is so important at this particular point in this ascension trajectory that we all come together and unify our divine intention on powerful portal dates, such as this.

The 2.2 is an extremely powerful portal date. And as such, I've been guided to host a large global meditation. In this transmission, we will be working with the powerful energies of Bridget, who is the goddess of the British Isles. And indeed is where the word Britain derives from.

Bridget is deeply connected to Mary Magdalene and the codes that she left in the Cathar region of Southern France when she pilgrimaged to Europe 2000 years ago. We will be working with the potent and auspicious energies of Bridgette and we will also be working with our Arcturian brothers and sisters who are guardians of the Ascension technology associated with this particular planetery Ascension.

They will be assisting us to work with our DNA patterning in order to activate the age regeneration codons that are stored within our DNA that were tampered with at the time of the fall of Atlantis.

If you seriously wish to activate the age regeneration codons and have a direct experience of your body getting younger and younger and coming back to its optimum vitality, then it would serve you well to add your energy to this powerful and sacred transmission. Please see below for full details on how to join the transmission.

There are many divine masculines that are awakening in this current energetic climate, especially the divine masculines that have settled in karmic relationships.

There is an extremely strong like likelihood that many of you reading these words will spontaneously hear from your twin flame in the next couple of weeks and this is due to you contacting them prolifically in the dream time.

They may make excuses as to why they are contacting you, but please know they are being nudged by their higher self to reach out.

I hope this message has brought you excitement, and comfort and a deeper understanding of what is occurring right now.

We are so lucky to be alive at this time. This is the most exciting time to have ever been incarnated on planet Earth.

We truly have the best seats in the house and are all active participants in the greatest show in the universe.

Please bring your hands together and send a prayer of gratitude to mother-father God, and all the ascended beings, to all your spirit team, to all of the souls that are maintaining their divine alignment. We were born for this and we truly are the ones we've all been waiting for.

In love and eternal light, Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe.

2.2 Age regeneration imbolc ceremony.

The 2.2 age regeneration imbolc ceremony. will take place on the 2nd of February at 9:09 PM UK time.

In this transmission, we will be working with the sacred energy of Bridget who is the Goddess of the British Isles. Bridey works very closely with the Holy Grail and the energies of the Magdalene and she will come forward in this transmission to give all of us a very deep and profound blessing for our twin flame journey.

Also in this transmission, we are being guided to work with our Arcturian brothers and sisters who are guardians of the ascension technology timeline. We will be deeply empowering the age regeneration codons within our DNA to fully come out of their seed aspect into their flower aspect.

This is very important work that we do for all of our future generations to come.

This powerful and sacred work is offered on an energetic exchange basis.

If you are viewing this on a mobile device, please click the link below to book onto the transmission.