2021 - A Quantum LEAP in Ascension

Hello everyone,
Trust you're well and keeping yourselves in high spirits :) 
If you are reading this message then you are probably a lightworker and a way-shower who is playing one of the most important roles on this planet right now. You are the torchbearer who is leading the way for the rest of humanity. You’re doing this by anchoring your light into this world and creating a bridge between Heaven and Earth. This is no small task :) But we are the crazy fool hardy ones who are always up for a challenge and we said YES, now here we are! ;)  
The 3D matrix is crumbling very quickly this year of 2021. As events on the surface reality give the 'illusion' that things are getting 'unstable’, we must, now more than ever before, anchor a sense of stability within ourselves by going inwards and checking-in with ourselves. We must get to know ourselves better by quieting our mind's useless chatter. We must connect with our inner being and our inner guidance system. When we connect with our inner spirit, by paying attention to it regularly, our higher self starts to take steps towards us. An inner-communion begins to happen that is subtle at first and over time it becomes quite palpable. This connection with your higher self could be the most important event that ever occurs in your life. 
We are entering a very exciting phase in the Ascension where the final traces of darkness are being revealed and integrated into Light. This is happening on a collective as well as on an individual level. 
On an individual level what this means is that you are going to face the lessons of mastery. All the finer lessons of the ego are going to be reflected back to you, to mirror what within your field remains to be healed. 
We are going to go through twists and unexpected turns in our lives this year that are going to reveal all of our blind spots back to us. This is going to be a year of intense healing for those who are willing to step up to the plate of mastery. This is also going to be a year of Ascension for certain souls who are ready to Initiate as "Christed" beings.
Those who know how to read energy have the best seats in the house :) No expectations, just pure faith!
Check out our latest video where we sharing some amazing insights from our Angels about the energies that we can expect this year.
With Love
EldoRa & Siman