Messages of Hope from the Higher Realms - 22.01.2021

SIRIUS: Do not despair Dearest ones, contrary to what you have been seeing in the 3rd Dimension, playing out for all to see, this is not the end. It is in Truth the beginning of the end!! This has been a battle of Good against evil so to speak. In effect you are watching a chess game. It may look as if the Dark side is winning but the White KING is still on the board. He may have just lost his Queen but he still has the upper hand. He has enough White troops on his side to take away all of the black troops and to check mate the Black king.

This is now inevitable but you just need to watch the game play out in real time. The White king has God on his side and will not lose Dear Ones.

Cheer him on from the sidelines for he so needs your LOVE and support at this time and not your disappointment. You all came here to take part in the game of life and the end is in sight but please do not give up now!!

THE GODDESS SECKMET: I am a warrior Queen and I am here with you all to help and guide you as you all move forwards to the 5th Dimension and above. Much has been said of this Transition time on Earth and in Truth it does not involve just one man who is fighting evil. You are all fighting evil and as such, you too are warriors like me. We do not give up when we think things are hard. As you humans say ”When the going gets tough, the tough get going” So Dear Ones call on me to help fight this evil that has been overcoming the world for eons. Stand up for the TRUTH and fight for it, Dear ones.

BOADICEA: I too am with you Dear Warriors of the Light and can help you overcome any darkness that appears around you. When I was on the Earth’s plane I battled for my rights as a warrior Queen and I can be with you in spirit now as you battle against a common enemy of the Dark. You all have the inner Strength and Power to overcome evil. Take back your Power now and overcome all evil that you see. Transform all darkness into LIGHT and it will not harm you anymore.

THE DRAGON EMPIRE: We are the Dragons and are coming back to Earth to help you all fight a common enemy. We are strong, powerful beings of Gaia and as such we left humans to their own devices eons ago. We continued to evolve and help Gaia in her Transition but hidden from view by the majority of the human race. Gaia has now asked us for help to transition humans on the planet. We have not always been happy with humans and what you have done to our beloved Gaia. However we see now that there are many humans enlightened enough to Transition themselves and others around them. Call on us for support and we can transmit the LIGHT to wherever it is needed. We know who you are and we have much LOVE, Strength and Protection to help you at this time.

THE FEY: Many of your children see us in their eyes and are told many stories about us. We are real and we also look after the Mother Gaia. We too have not been happy with humans for centuries. In the old days humans revered and respected us but in recent times those who have seen us are laughed at and told they are making us up. We keep our distance from you now. We look after the land and try to undo all the wrongs that have been done to our Dear Mother. She has also asked us to respect humans again as they are evolving. We are here now to help you, if you ask. We can look after all of your plants and help you to grow sustaining food. We can help the flying ones and bring you joy when you catch a glimpse of us in the twinkling light. Call on us now and be joyful.

THE UNICORNS: We are also here to help you evolve as we have evolved from the great horse nation. We are working with the Angelic realm to bring back unconditional LOVE to the Earth. You may see us in your dreams and meditations. We will also be coming back to you in your 5th Dimension when more of you will be able to see us through your own eyes. Ride on our backs to traverse the world, sending the LIGHT to all who need it. Think of us and you will feel our horns of LIGHT touching your third eye and codes of LIGHT will enter your consciousness. Merge with us and your whole being will be LIGHT.

DOLPHINS, MERMAIDS AND HIGHER CREATURES OF THE SEA: The Water is cleansing all of your systems now as you evolve to higher states of consciousness. Swim in our rivers, lakes and seas. Bathe in your home waters and connect with us to heal your bodies. Much of your bodies are made of water and as such connecting to our waters will help to heal all the sadnesses of the past. We send LOVE to those who connect with us.

THE ANCESTOR SHAMANS: We are here to heal all those who connect with us. We come to help the Healers, Counsellors, Health practitioners and other medical professionals who would listen to us. There is much work to be done to heal Gaia but we can show you all the remedies that she has to offer without resorting to harmful man made medications. Call on us in your practices and we can advise you of treatments that may not be known to the many. Be brave and listen to us Dear Ones.

FIRE BEINGS: We are in a dimension within which humans cannot exist. However we can also help you as you evolve. Look into our flames and burn away the past, look to us for messages of HOPE and LOVE. We are pure emanations of LOVE and as such we can help to heal you.

BEINGS of the AIR: We are the very Breath of your life and without us you would not exist. You have contaminated us for many eons of your time but NOW it is TIME for you all to AWAKE and realise that you have to EVOLVE and look after your AIR or you will die. Look after the AIR in your own home. Cleanse it often by opening your windows to the outside air. Burn the beautiful natural sages, tree barks, aromas and incenses that have been shown to you to cleanse the air that you breathe. Learn of the new technologies that will not pollute the Air. Be at one with the wind as she brings in the Transition to a new, cleaner way of living. Breathe deeply now dear Humans for we are the BREATH of LIFE.

THE TREES: We are here for you all and have been from time immemorial. Talk to us and give us your LOVE and yes indeed do hug us. We are the wise ones who can tell you everything that you want to know. Take in our qualities of spiritual growth, calmness and swaying with the wind, going with the flow as they say. Keep your feet planted firmly in the ground, grow firm and strong and connect your branches to the LIGHT.

GAIA: All of my beloved beings are with you now to help you TRANSFORM and grow. We are all transcending to a new wonderful way of being on my planet. My beloved WAY SHOWERS you have fought long and hard for me and I appreciate all that you have done. I know every single one of you. You are my own Dear Children. The future of the Earth does not depend on any one single human being. It depends on a state of consciousness that has already started to change and it will not go backwards now. It is like a house of cards, once the 1st card drops the others will fall. Many, many more humans are waking up to this new state of consciousness. Relax now Dear ones, you have done well. Keep shining your LIGHT brightly and you will be helping to transform others around you, by just being YOU. Call on any of my loving beings to help you now, as we all move forwards into the 5th Dimension and manifest the HEAVEN ON EARTH that we all so desire. Do not despair Dear Ones the Dark ones will not enter the 5th Dimension. They will either Transform or LEAVE. Have FAITH and ALL WILL BE WELL.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: As always Dear Ones there is so much help for you all in the very different Dimensions that your eyes may not see but your heart may be starting to feel. Meditate with any of these beings and you can learn much. Your future Earth journey depends on YOU dear ones. YOU are the LIGHT of the world. Keep up the good work my Dear Warriors of the LIGHT and KNOW that GOOD will overcome evil always!!!

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius - 22.01.2021