Free Reiki Distant Healing Session


My dear fellow Lightworkers and Truthseekers,

These times are truly pushing a lot of us far beyond our comfort zones. The Global News are unexpected, surprising and tearing at our nerves and patience. Many are confused and hurt within, searching for answers and understanding.

For the coming weeks and months a lot of issues will be brought Into The Light and will need to be processed and healed. The need for Healing of our Humanity will be enorm.

Therefore my wife and I have decided to offer to all who are interested a Distant Reiki Healing Session. We are both Reiki Masters and will perform this Healing together with our Spiritual Guides.

This healing will be given on Sunday the 31st of January at 7PM your local time.

You can sign up until Friday the 29th of January at 7PM your local time.

We are looking forward to bring this healing to all those who would like to receive it.

In Love and Light

Koshima of

Registration is now closed. Thank you.