Magenta Pixie and the Nine: Fast Track just Got Faster

Magenta Pixie on Telegram, Jan. 20, 2021

Me – You said it would take three times as long for us to reach the great awakening and the inevitability if Biden won the election. Is this still the case?

Must we now wait years and years as they have delayed the inevitability and thus the Ascension?

The Nine – No. It is in point of fact the opposite. The great awakening, inevitability and ascension have been fast tracked ever faster. Let us explain.

The ‘three times as long’ playout with an interim long-lasting NWO presentation was the timeline as result of a genuine election win. This was always of very low probability.

The service-to-self structures knew this. The only way they could hope to ‘win’ was through subterfuge, corruption and deceit. Once this had taken place and a ‘false win’ created, this pushed any chances of NWO actually succeeding out of the probability field entirely.

This is due to the fact that these actions cannot sustain within the higher frequencies of the fourth and lower fifth dimensions which are your consciousness creations at galactic level at this time.

True justice is that which is in alignment. Yet for truth to be delivered planet-wide, the corruption must be seen in order that each incarnated soul on Earth can make their choice based on the highest offering of information if you will.

Before this, a bifurcational geometry, which was always destined due to the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on the December Solstice 2020 point, was presented to humanity on an individual level as part of their free will.

This delivers to them the right to not know. Once they exercise their right to not know they draw to themselves the matching reality which is that playing out in your third dimension at this point.

Yet because the presentation you currently witness was created by subterfuge, corruption and deceit, it cannot sustain [itself]; therefore an inevitability of the one you call Trump standing as leader in political sense is pushed into all timelines.

Still there are a multitude of potentials as to how this may manifest but the energetics you are looking at are aligned with true justice, truth, liberty, New America, Atlantis Rising, New Earth, Excalibur, King Arthur, Christ Consciousness and cosmic law.

In response therefore to your question, the inevitability, great reveal and great awakening is bought closer to you not further away.

The artificial presentation of the false King and Queen shall not sustain. Those who see this, hold this, know this are the ones that create this.

This remains still at critical mass for the pure heart radiates with light speed across the quantum galactic field that you know as hyperspace. It is done, it shall be and so it is.

We are the White-Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine