Waters of Nova Gaia via Galaxygirl | January 16, 2021


(I am hearing bubbling streams and seeing flowing water descending from the mountains down to the beaches of Nova Gaia where they are greeted with the sound of the gentle waves.) We are the waters of Nova Gaia. This one has summoned us for our higher energies are soothing, clear and deep. We nurture our mother and we nurture those upon and within her form. We will nurture you, should you like.

We are the Waters of Nova Gaia. Our energies are of the highest light, of the higher ways. Many healing modalities are utilized through our form as we are crystalline and our atoms hum and sing the codes of divinity. If you listen you can hear us sing. You hear us in your more diluted lower form upon your realm. We are there nonetheless. (I am seeing plastic in the oceans and feeling the tremendous sorrow of the sea creatures affected by it.) Galactic technology will quickly remedy as all is transmuted up into the higher frequencies, do not fear. (I am seeing a tulip bulb that looks brown, dirty and dry, cracked and without life. I am now seeing it being split open to reveal the green bulb and future life within. I am seeing these bulbs within the hearts of the awakening humans. Our hearts are being split open so that the new growth can emerge. I am seeing that the pollution islands of plastic in our current oceans will be split and peeled back in a way to reveal new beauty within, like a husk falling away in the wind, all new things are coming.) Yes, galaxygirl. You see what we wished you to. The hearts and the planet are being opened. The husks are falling away in the wind, the wheat being separated from the chaff, it is the same. That which no longer serves can no longer hold resonance within the shifting, ever elevating energies that are pummeling with great love and tenderness, but pummeling the same.

We are the Waters of Nova Gaia. Waters calm the human electrical circuit. (I am seeing lightning strikes above the ocean waves.) We are showing you this for this is the general sentiment of humanity in this time. The news to come will be shocking. Electrical circuits will break, snap, others will burn. Water cools and soothes the human form, for you are made up of water. You are the breath of the elements within a human package and your light is within. Soothing baths surrounded by candles will comfort for they will remind you of your light within the waters. It cannot be dimmed. It cannot be put out. Many of you long for our waters on your new world. You can connect with us now. Feel our energies within your water that you drink, within the water that you swim in or cleanse in. You will feel our presence and the lightness of a cleansed and happy spirit. Many adventures await you but know that you are sorely needed here in this moment. You are the energy makers, the bringers of realms. This is why you are drawn to these words. The hearts of humanity are opening, much like the tulip bulbs that split open and grow and bloom. The time of germination is over, the time of humanity’s full bloom is nigh. We bear witness to this. We see, we know, we feel, we wash. We wash away, with your permission, any worries or burdens you carry with your energetic field. (I am feeling a bucket of warm water being dumped on my head and it feels joyful. My forehead is spinning and hot, my head feels like the energy is moving around, my shoulders relax.) A lightness of spirit is coming to the human collective, but not yet. The heaviness must be felt fist. And so we wash you with our light, with our lightness of spirit, with our joy in the higher realms where you are and will be joining. All is well.

We are the Waters of Nova Gaia. (I am looking down and seeing tanned feet on the beach and hearing the waves beyond, feeling the warmth of the sand and hearing the waves, feeling the gentle wind. It is a place of pristine beauty and peace.) We are the Waters of Nova Gaia. This is our message for today. Be at peace in these times of change.

~ galaxygirl