Messages of hope and support from the Higher Realms - 16.01.2021


DWHAL KHUL: Dearest Ones we are all here with you at this very auspicious time on Earth to give you hope and support for your future. It is no accident that you all incarnated onto Earth at this time. You came here specifically to help in the awakening of humanity to ASCEND to a new way of being. A HEAVEN ON EARTH, so to speak. The time that you have awaited for centuries to change the paradigm on Earth is upon you NOW. We are here with you, not to interfere with this process, but to help and advise. Call on us now for guidance as you navigate the waters of TRANSITION.

GAIA: Thank you my SHINING ONES. You have helped me so much as I also ASCEND to this new Dimension with you. I know who you are and I applaud all that you are doing to help me to come back into BALANCE. Do not be concerned for all that has happened to me over the centuries. Technologies have been hidden from you that will help to clear any garbage that has been thrown at me. New energies that are friendly to me, which have been known but hidden, will come to LIGHT. Travel over my lands will become easy. Medicines that I grow for you, will replace unnatural ones. Food will be plentiful. The waters will become clear as the pollution clears. I have enough abundance for you all to live in PEACE and HARMONY. This is my new HEAVEN on my EARTH for you all to ENJOY. I am GAIA.

ISIS: My beloved ones keep up the GOOD fight, the battle is almost won. Do not give up at the last moment. LOVE is the key to all that is happening in your world right now, be not angry, be not sad, but have compassion for all of those who cannot see. LOVE your brother and sister, man and woman. Forgive them for their slights against you. YOU are the higher beings and WAYSHOWERS and when all is ONE they will indeed come back to LOVE and be with you in time.

JESHUA AND MARY MAGDALENE: We are here to bring the CHRIST LIGHT back to EARTH after Eons in the Dark. We are with you all now, as you move from a 3rd Dimension reality of control to the 5th Dimension of LOVE, FREEDOM and JOY. Our messages of HOPE can be accessed by all. All will ASCEND in time but you Dear Ones are the WAYSHOWERS. Hold this LIGHT now within you. It is our GIFT to you. Go out into the world and show this LIGHT to others and they will also see and follow you onwards to this LIGHT.

KWAN YIN: Call on me when you feel down and sad. I can help you to dry those tears and overcome the sadnesses that you have felt for humanity. I have known those sadnesses in my time on Earth. I understand what you are experiencing now. I am always with you to surround you in LOVE so that you can overcome and come back to a place of JOY. I am surrounding you in my BUBBLE of PINK LIGHT. Be with me now.

MOTHER MARY: My Beloved Ones come to me and I will enfold you in my arms. I will dry your tears, I will give you my LOVE as a Mother. Rest in my arms for a moment in time and I can support you with my Mothers LOVE. I know every single one of you as if you were all my children and I am very proud of what you are doing to help humanity. It may have been tough for many of you but the end is in sight so Dear ones stay with me awhile and relax in knowing that ALL IS WELL. I LOVE you all.

ST GERMAINE: My Dearest Ones I would like to offer some support for you at this crazy time. There is a lot of division and anger on the planet now and you may be finding that you are having problems and disagreements with some of your friends and family. This is natural, for you as many of you are at different stages in the Transition process. However there is a technique which can help. You can do this for anyone with whom you are having a contentious disagreement.
In your Meditations call on me and ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL to be with you. Imagine you and the other person or persons stepping into and being surrounded by a Beautiful VIOLET FLAME OF LIGHT. Stay in this LIGHT together in your meditation. Talk to the other person and explain how you feel. Then sit back and listen to the other person as they say their piece. Continue until you agree, or agree to disagree. You will find that when you come back together in the physical, all will be in harmony or that person will fade from your view and no more will bother you. We hope that this helps.

ZI from SIRIUS: As one of the spokespersons for the beings from SIRIUS, I have come to you today to yet again tell you, that ALL is WELL. Do not get caught up in the distractions that are happening on Earth today. There are many legions of so called alien beings coming to see the show on Earth at this time. We are willing you on to a higher way of being. We are all part of a Galactic Federation of Light and come from all parts of the Galaxy and beyond to be with you now.
This Dear One came down to Earth at this time and in her Time on Earth has often felt alone and unloved as have many of the Starseeds who came to help humanity Ascend. Make no mistake Dear ones YOU ARE NEVER ALONE and you are always LOVED. We are always with you. Call on us in your dreams and meditations for guidance as to the way forward. We sometimes come to you in the physical and this will be happening more and more as others wake up to our reality. We have technologies to help you, which you cannot even dream about, and more of these will come to LIGHT in the 5th Dimension. Why would you not want to awaken? The move from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension is inevitable as has been decreed by THE ONE. Enjoy the process Dear ones. We send you many BLESSINGS and much LOVE.

And finally but definitely not least:

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: My Beloved LEGIONS of LIGHT, be with me now, as we finally clear away the last vestiges of Evil and darkness that has been controlling the planet for eons. The dark has no place in the 5th Dimension and the beings now in darkness will either Transform into the LIGHT or leave the planet to learn and grow their souls elsewhere in the galaxy.
Be like the Angels and learn to FLY Dear Ones. Forgive all those who have done you wrong for indeed they did not know what they were doing. As my followers you have fought a good fight and you will indeed enter the Kingdom of Heaven. But dear ones instead of dying to do this you will be doing this LIVING on EARTH as Ascended Masters each and every one of you. You will be the leaders of the NEW EARTH.
In the meantime Dear Ones Put down your swords and use them to cut away from those who do not understand you. Use my Blue Cloak to surround and protect you and to be invisible to those who would hurt you.
Prepare yourselves for this NEW EARTH by dreaming it into existence. All that you wish for, will be with you in an instant as manifestation speeds up for you. Your illnesses will fade away as you come back to LOVE. Your bodies will not age, you will grow wings and FLY dear ones and you will indeed be ANGELS on EARTH.
There are many, many more beings from the different dimensions, too many to speak with you today. Your soul knows who they are and your being will resonate with them but they all come together NOW to send you all MUCH LOVE and MANY BLESSINGS.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius - 16.01.2021