Planetary Ancestors via Galaxygirl | January 13, 2021


We are the ancestors. We are the ancestors of Gaia. Gaia is the jewel of all of the multiverse. Gaia is to be honored, treasured, the jewel in the crown, the heart of hearts expanding. Gaia offers all of us the chance to witness the depths of self discovery from within the ensconced mind of the human condition. Planets have ancestors. For the soul that embodies them has a past. All are expanding on their own path of discovery of the light within. Gaia’s great light was dimmed and now she will shine again, the brightest of the bright, the most honored of guests. Send Gaia your light. Together you will shine.

We are the Planetary Ancestors. Civilizations before endless civilizations, time before time began. All is one. Expansion is expanding. Gaia is to be honored. You, fellow traveler, you are to be honored as well for your sacrifice. You too let your light be dimmed for a time so that you could partake in the journey of self-discovery and awaken to shine. The light is coming. The massive wave of light and love from the great All of Things is coming. The love will envelope you to such a degree that we cannot explain. You have to feel it. It will warm the deepest parts of you that you did not know were cold. Life on this realm is to be treasured.

We are the Planetary Ancestors. We work with the music of the spheres, guiding the spirits within that embody the major spacial spheres of matter. We are beyond matter and time. We are the energy that surrounds. Gaia is to be birthed anew. You have heard this. You know this. This truth cannot be silenced. Much silencing we feel. We feel the rumblings of the human collective. The light cannot be silenced. The light permeates all things. Gaia has an ancient history, as do you. Her form is to be healed, mended, her kingdoms restored, honored, the light returned to Gaia.

We are the Planetary Ancestors. We are the ancient ones that embodied and embody. We are timeless. We assist. We assist humanity in this time. All are watching. All are around, bearing witness to the final moments. Be not afraid. Be in joy. We send joy to you now. A planet at peace with itself and its inhabitants is a miraculous one. We send you this vibration of new earth to your beings now. Humans must remember this vibration of oneness, of unity consciousness, of peace. It begins within. Light workers, you are keeping your inner torches bright. It becomes you. (I am seeing an Olympic race with the lighting of the torch, the running, the cheering, the surrounding crowds supporting.) All is in great support of you and your mission to be the light bearers of Gaia as she births her new form. You are worthy for this task at hand. You are ready.

We are the Planetary Ancestors. We are a consciousness of past, present and future planetary embodiments for there is no time in this space. Perhaps in your own soul evolution you will choose to embody a planet and if so you are speaking with a future aspect of yourself. (I am feeling the massiveness of being within the planets. The density initially and then the spaciousness of the surrounding light. Their ability to hold light is astounding. I feel the massive weight and yet the freedom of being so large and so at ease within. I am seeing crystal chambers, hidden places, secret places hidden within the hearts of the planets creating their own crystalline network of inner communications and healing for themselves, each other and their inhabitants. I am feeling this massive planetary grid network. They are surrounding Gaia. I am seeing all of their giant crystalline hearts form a grid of light and nourishment around her own heart. They are feeding her love and energy. I am tearing up, it is so powerful. Gaia is singing. Gaia is relaxing and allowing and singing the words “I am home.”)

We are the Planetary Ancestors. We surround your sphere with light, with our love. Allow this extra-planetary grid of consciousness to enliven the fatigue of your own inner heart spaces. Feel our light permeate your feet and up into your heart spaces. The crystalline network is online. It is fully online. (I am hearing celebrations.) Much is to come before these visions are made apparent within your external reality, but know that energetically it is done. We bless you with our light. We are the Planetary Ancestors.

~ galaxygirl