WHAT WILL OUR FIFTH DIMENSIONAL WORLD BE LIKE? Aita Channeling Her Higher Self - January 2021

And here we are in 2021 and in the middle of January already. And you, our Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds are feeling the shift. You are knowing, you are glowing, you are flowing love. Love, defined by the dictionary as “an intense feeling of deep affection.”

Love, words cannot adequately describe love. For love is the power that animates the universe. God is love, for God animates the universe.

In human terms there are many kinds of love. There is romantic love, the passionate, erotic love of human relationships, based on a strong sexual attraction. This is the love that is the basis for partnerships, for the creation of a family.

Then there is brotherly love, the love of friendship. The admiration and enjoyment of communion and camaraderie with like minds, exchanging ideas with humorous and witty conversation. The banter of like minds with common interests, reveling in the enjoyment of each others company

Third is familial love, the love that parents feel for their children, for their pets, for those that they care for and cherish as being in their care, as their responsibility.

In the Spirit realm agape love is the unconditional love that man feels for God and that God feels for man. For mankind is a particle of God, a drop of Divine Essence experiencing the material realm.

It is the agape love that is the electro magnetic energy that animates us powers us, flows through us. Agape love is the knowing deep within of who we are, that we are Divinity in form. It is a knowing a flowing a glowing deep within us.

In the third dimensional fear filled early stage of life, agape love cannot be accessed, for the concentration is on experiencing limitation and emotion. The mind is entirely occupied with the day to day twists and turns of human life, with fears and anxieties, with concerns and worries.

With Spiritual growth, with the release of indoctrinated ego thoughts and ideas, agape love can enter. As the vibration of the individual rises and the human victim story is forgiven and forgotten, the feeling of agape love becomes stronger and deeper.

And this is what you are feeling now dear ones. Having left behind your fear filled paradigm of life, you now have room for love to flow through you freely. The knowing, the flowing the radiance of love is strongly within you now.

Each day, you feel more confident, more secure in the knowledge of who you are. You stand more upright, more courageous, more certain of yourself.

In the third dimension the qualities of fear ruled your life. Anxiety, anger, hatred, resentment, apathy, depression, guilt, shame and blame were the order of the day.

Now, as you move into the fifth dimension of agape love, the qualities of Divine love come to the fore. Wisdom, discernment, courage, peace, joy, gratitude, faith and trust, a knowing that all is well in God’s holy world increase within you.

You are moving into the 5th dimension dear friends, dear brethren. Slowly but surely you are moving into the agape love frequency. Keep up the good work.

Continue to concentrate on the beautiful, the lovely. Do not dwell on what appears to be, for by doing so you will create more of what was, anxiety and fear. Concentrate on how you feel now, and think of what will be, what a wonderful, enjoyable, abundant world you are creating for yourself. For it will be an abundant world.

Concentrate on this - and you will help create it all the faster. Imagine a world where all bank debt, including mortgages and credit card debt, will be cancelled for it has been usury to charge such high interest rates and have such unforgiving repayment rules.

And imagine this, think about this, personal income tax will be abolished. You will receive the money you have earned in your paycheck.

Social security will be increased to such a degree that all will receive regular payments and seniors will have a good livable pension and no longer worry if they can afford food or rent.

There will be no more power bills, energy will be free to all households. Unlike now, taxes will be few and far between. The primary tax will be a 17% payment on the purchase of new products.

The purchase of second hand or used, items will not be taxed.

The judicial system which has been based on maritime law, will now be changed to constitutional law and justice will prevail on earth at last. Hitherto justice has been blind with nepotism and corruption rife in what has been the “just us” thinking of the legal mind. Self-interest will give way to altruism in all things.

Wars will end. Nuclear weapons will be used no more on earth and the fear of a nuclear conflagration will be gone.

We will no longer fight against each other or against ideas. For fighting against something is the same as being for something. That which is focused on grows. We will focus on peace, and joy, union and communion with each other and with all nationalities and religions.

All currencies will be at a par. All the human race have been exploited by the powers that be. They will be exploited no more, for the ascension is the process of removing the old control system. No more will the dark ones be able to play one country against another.

Yes, all currencies will be at par and this will help the world and particularly those hapless peoples who were terrorized into poverty, famine and homelessness by the powers that be.

And so there will be unprecedented prosperity with enormous funds for personal self actualization and for humanitarian projects. For until now the wealth of the world has been stolen by the few, the elite controllers.

And mankind will leave illness and disease behind. For there will be a new holistic healing technology. The current drug and operation oriented medical system will be dropped. Food, vitamins, minerals will become the medicine of the future.

Med beds will return mankind to youthful health and by scanning the frequency of the body and the individual organs return them through vibrational therapy to well being and vitality.

There will be wonderful new technology available. There are many thousands of patents, many thousands of wonderful inventions, that are waiting to be revealed.

And all this is in our future. Concentrate on this wonderful new world. What will be your part in it. Where will you find your greatest joy. In what field will you follow your bliss.

It is certain that as a Lightworker you will be helping your brethren. For the time has come, the storm is upon us. The revelations are about to happen.

And those still in the dream state, those still in the hypnotic third dimensional fear paradigm will suffer shock and awe. Many, may will awaken suddenly. They will be lost and confused.

You are here to help them dear ones. What is to come is revolutionary. Do not be pulled into the day to day happenings. Do not fall back into fear.

All is very well in your world. Keep your vibration, your love quotient high. Love, laugh, live, revel in your new love frequency. Spread your radiance onto all, and especially those of your brethren who desperately need it.

All is well in your world dear ones. Trust the plan. The best is yet to come. Yes, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.