A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner, January 4, 2021


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I speak to you with great news. You and the earth have made it through the gateway to the new universe, your new tomorrow. We offer you the utmost congratulations for what you have achieved. It is truly miraculous.
Our ships are in the sky and we have been celebrating. What is occurring now is a fantastic fete. We continue to hold the energies for this evolutionary cycle in the history of creation. The earth moving into the Golden Age is phenomenal. It has required enormous effort from all of the lightworkers stationed on the earth, from us, the Galactic’s, and from all of creation. Truly, this has been a long time coming. It is the great awakening.
As we observe the changes with you and the planet, we marvel at the light and expanded spiritual consciousness. Never before has a planet risen from the darkness to such an extent. The truth about the dark ones and their secrets is coming to light. This information may be disheartening and shocking. However, one must take it in and process it as best they can if they want to remain on the earth. There will be some who will not be able to receive the information and will continue to have a third dimensional experience, or something else. For those who are awakened, we recommend that you continue holding the light of the 5th dimension and higher. We know how much you want to bring your friends, family and loved ones along with you, but that may not be their choice.
Part of living in higher consciousness is learning to love, allow, adjust, and adapt in gentle ways. You will soon begin to understand why this is going to become the normal way of living. The Earth Council continues to monitor your reactions to what is occurring. We want to reassure you that you are constantly being observed and protected. It is important that you continue to follow your best inner guidance. Do not let the outer circumstances disturb you but look within for peace.
You have much to look forward to in your future on the new earth. You will find the fountain of youth. The new technology will astound you so you will have opportunities for healing what you could never have imagined. Your communication will become telepathic. You will have great abundance. Your purpose and destiny will come from your heart. You will remember much more of your gifts and abilities. You will be steadfast on your mission because the energy in your hearts will be strongly directing your work. 
Humanity is coming together in oneness. You are here to be a part of this oneness. You have all suffered from separation but as these new energies continue to shift, you will no longer find separation. 
Live in the light of the new world. It will be happening quickly. Do not try to gauge timing from the old third dimensional linear time because that is passé also. It was used to mechanize and enslave humanity. Live in the ever-changing present moment and be happy. Be grateful for your contribution to this momentous shift. Know that you are blessed beyond measure.
I am Mira and I send you great love from your galactic family.