Ashtar via Galaxygirl, January 1, 2021

Greetings galaxygirl, greetings beloved warriors of light! Welcome to 2021! Welcome to the higher energies, for they are rising incrementally bit by bit and your earth realm will be almost unrecognizable, and quite higher energetically a year from now. These energies that are bathing your beautiful sphere in the golden light of the love of Source are being felt within the plants, within the rocks, within the hearts of humankind and we can see this most concretely from our vantage point in the ships. We have numerous technologies for measuring such increases in vibratory speed, and it is quite exciting to be able to watch and observe and lend a hand when we are permitted. You may ask us to lend you a hand, you know. We are eagerly standing by and serving the Source, the All which is love and we serve you with love in our hearts. For we are all connected and absolutely we benefit when you benefit from these higher dimensional energies. We have been in the higher dimensions for some time now (laughing) but it still feels good. This is why many sources are telling you to give yourselves permission to feel. Give yourselves permission to feel good, to really feel the love and the joy and the goodness around you for it will be as if a magnet is pulling more good feelings towards you. This will help you not only get through these months of change but to really enjoy these months of change, which is what we hope that you can do. We hope you can enjoy this time, and we know that your higher selves feel the same. Change is never easy, but it is necessary if one is to advance and grow and have an expanded perspective.

I am Ashtar, commander of my fleet. I command in love, in service. This is why I am respected. It is time that higher dimensionally minded leaders begin to step up and have their energies of similar vibrations expand. This is happening. The current structure is crumbling, changing and metamorphing into yet more light, which is quite exciting to see from our vantage point. And we know that it is disturbing and perhaps disheartening from your perspective. But try to pretend that you are seeing this from a higher view and you can do it, for you are multidimensional and other aspects of you are cheering you on and saying, “Go, go! Be the light, feel this love we are beaming down to you!” We do hope that you can feel it. If you view your current realm with all of the rumblings and shakings and quaking you know, you absolutely know that it cannot last. And so doesn’t that give you great joy? For isn’t that what you were pondering, waiting for, longing or? Isn’t that now why you are here, to be the great instigators of change and renewal? We think so. We think that you will remember your calling quite shortly. Even if it is just the intense inner calling to be light. That is enough. For that is what is needed. You are our transistor radios of frequency. When you are meditating and attuned to the light and love within you, and to Source within and all around, you beam this light out further, as more of you awaken you are exponentially raising the consciousness of humanity as we speak. Exciting!

I am Ashtar. I love you all deeply. I know you all. We have worked together for some time. We are in the final sweep-up stages. You will remember who you were before 2021. Who you will be after is going to be different, new and improved. So stick to your meditations and goals because you love yourselves. Do not view these New Year’s resolutions as trite and laughable. They may be life changing and affirming mantras of further self love, of further beaming down and out more light and love to the planetary sphere that you currently embody. You embody other planetary spheres too, remember. You are just here now in this physical little human form experiencing. And so experience. (I am seeing juicy strawberries and I am feeling the sweet taste. I am feeling the joy of my feet in the warm sand and the cool ocean waves intermittently soothe my feet. I am remembering touching my baby’s head for the first time. I am remembering, seeing all of these moments of simple pleasures and feeling their joy.) Joy! Yes, that is what we wish for you to take away from this. Be in joy. Beam your light. Feel the blissful energies being beamed down from all around and from within you. That is the key. The kingdom of heaven is within, an often misunderstood teaching, but that is because you were always trying to wrap your head around it from a lower perspective. When you remember and recall and really feel that you are Source beings, then of course the kingdom of heaven is within you. For you can create the joy and bliss of heaven within your hearts spaces, for it is within you. The dark cannot crush this. The dark cannot touch this space unless you let your light dim and forget it is within you. Do not do this, friends. Remember your joy. Feel your inner spark of source-light and laugh with the sheer joy of being alive – being embodied – a tremendous privilege in this now moment – and remember who you are. Remember the light and the love and the joy of this earth embodiment. You have had many joys. Remember them and it will help you transform your outer reality into the heavenly realms of light that you seek.

I am Ashtar. I hope that this message has been one of encouragement and a great one to kick off the New Year that you are experiencing. We are experiencing this alongside of you. We love you fully, completely, tremendously. Keep it up, you’re doing great. I am Ashtar.

~ galaxygirl