TOP 10 UFO Disclosures in the News of 2020

Corey Goode and Dr. Michael Salla discuss the Top 10 UFO Disclosure News Stories of 2020 as well as make predictions of disclosures to follow in 2021. Please enjoy this New Year special from the Spherebeing Alliance YouTube Channel. Make sure you LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE!
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Top Ten Exopolitics Stories for 2020

1. Professor Haim Eshed revelations on US ET agreements and Galactic Federation

2. Signing of Artemis Accords -

3. Eric Davis Briefings to Pentagon Congress on alien reverse engineering

4. Mike Turber revelations on Navy Tic Tac sightings being part of USAF SSP

5. Salvatore Pais Patent application on nuclear fusion gets published in prestigious journal

6. Space Center to be established at Ramstein Air Base, Germany

7. Space Force completes the first year with the official logo, recruits, bases, doctrinal documents and Guardian name

8. Trump received secret briefing that Roswell UFO involved time-traveling humans

9. Congress asks Intel Community for comprehensive UFO report 180 days after passage of 2021 NDAA:

10. China sends up a Moon lander and retrieves lunar rocks to demonstrate its growing space power capabilities