Understanding QFS Gold Certificates by Ron Giles - 12.28.2020


It has been hard for many to understand the new gold-backed financial system, the new Quantum Financial System (QFS). The absurd amounts of money we will get is incredible, to say the least. Where did it all come from? The best way to understand this new system is to look at currency as gold certificates. Instead of saying I have five hundred dollars in my account, it is now appropriate to say I have five hundred gold certificates in my account. It could be USD or it could be British Pounds, it makes no difference. Let me explain. A set-aside mountain of secured gold bullion brings forth its value in backing the currencies of the world. Each gold kilo brick has a serial number to identify the brick. So, which comes first, the currency or the gold to back the currency? The old Fiat Central Bank System is dysfunctional and needs to be discarded as they just print money from nothing of value except what they contrive and use to justify their illegal activities (birth certificates). So a new financial system had to be invented with a new gold-backed currency and a computer system that ensures the security of each transaction. So the Gold comes first and the currency then represents an extension of the Gold value into a currency that can be used without carrying around pieces of gold? This is better because how do you get change when using a gold coin to purchase a loaf of bread? How do you transfer enough gold to buy a cargo ship of oil? That's the problem. The value of Gold must be held inviolable and extended into society as currency so that it may be easily used for the exchange of goods and services. Each increment of currency must be backed by an amount of gold to make it retain its value. So, the New Powers That Be (NPTB) came up with a whole new money system with Gold as its secured value. How did they do this? The "digital Gold Certificate." Let's be very clear. There does not exist a computer in this world that can do what the new Quantum Computer can do and without it, this whole new financial system would not work. The new concept of money has now changed into the new Gold-backed currencies using a database of Gold Certificates. A kilo brick of Gold bullion is the source of each Gold certificate. The Gold Certificate refers to the serial number on the brick of gold. When the QFS is activated, there will be a price for gold that will reflect the value of the mountain of gold that is held for gold backing of the new currencies. Once the price of gold is set like a snapshot in time it reflects the total value of the mountain of gold. The volume of the gold brick is divided by the snapshot price of gold and is then assigned to a gold certificate for each piece of currency that brick is backing. Thus, the value of the currency is backed by an identified gold brick assigned to that currency by the digital Gold Certificate. Once assigned the Gold Certificate will not be changed and will act as digital currency stored in the Quantum computer. Asset-backed has a perceived value that can change over time as the assets are mined and sold as a commodity. The QFS process of Gold-backed currency will retain its value for the foreseeable future. Once the Global Currency Reset takes place, digital gold certificates will be given to every increment of currency in each national currency. Because of the Global Currency Reset that takes place when the RV takes place, a gold certificate can represent a US dollar or a British pound, or an increment of any national currency. You can see why the GCR had to take place to accommodate any national currency as part of the QFS. Rest assured, all currencies of the world will retain their value as measured by each other's par value of Gold-backed currency. Is it appropriate to say that the gold certificates are a new international currency? It would seem so, but it only represents digital money not a nation's currency, per se'. Each nation will have paper money reflecting their nation's currency that can be used for cash transactions. In the US it will be the new USN. There is a worldwide price for gold that can go up or down as the markets adjust to supply and demand. Gold has always retained its original value to what it can buy but the inflation created by the use of Fiat money has changed to where the price to buy an ounce of gold has gone up substantially. However, the value of gold still reflects the amount of gold to buy the same items as it always has. A $20 gold coin from many years ago will buy a $1300 Armani suit these days. It is the same one ounce of gold it took to buy the same suit 30 or 40 years ago. Inflation created the difference in the price of Fiat currency need to buy the suit compared to the 30 to 40 years ago price. Gold retains its pure value. That's why it can be used to back currency in the QFS and that value will not change in the foreseeable future. Once the GCR (Global Currency Reset) takes place, then all currency will be Gold-backed and on par value with all other nation's currency. New paper money will be printed to facilitate the use of Gold Backed currencies when using cash to purchase an item on Craig's List, etc. The new Gold-backed currencies used in the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) are all new money. The new money is not coming from any old Fiat money. This Gold-backed money is just an extension of the value of the huge store of Gold set aside in its secure location. The work has already been done to assign the gold Certificates to a brick of gold. It is waiting for activation to be put into a QFS account when the Redemption of Zim or the Exchange of currency takes place. The amount of gold to be used to back all the currency that will be Gold-backed in the world is only around 40 % of the gold holdings that is available to back the currency. This also accounts for Historical bonds and funding of collateral accounts. etc. The gold certificates can only be activated by a transaction that puts the certificate into an account within the QFS. There is a huge database of gold certificates awaiting activation. What we will receive in the redemption of Zim on an individual basis can be compared to a thimble full of ocean water available in the ocean. The value of the currencies will be set at a point in time reflecting the Fiat value of gold at that time. Once set and functional in the QFS the change in the price of gold will not affect the value of any currency as all currencies will be on par value with each other. If the price of gold goes up or down, all currency value will go up or down without changing the value between the currencies. New Gold-backed currencies in the QFS will stabilize the value of everything in the new economic system. Fiat currency does not work the same way as Gold-backed currency. That's why we are getting rid of this rotting currency that creates inflation. There is no inflation with Gold-backed currencies. This stabilizes the economy once and for all. This new Gold-back QFS currency is the secure way of the future in the Golden Age of Mankind. It is the blessing from God that we have all been praying for. Embrace this QFS as a gift from God that will secure our funds and support our humanitarian activities for a very long time. Love and Light Ron Giles QFS2020.com