A completely new dream world, in which every human being can be wealthy, healthy, cultured, free, happy and fulfilled, is not a utopia, but the next inevitable evolutionary step. This transformation must necessarily be accomplished now, because the accumulated millennia of suffering of the inhabitants of the planet make it unstoppable.

That beautiful world is already here, waiting to be able to manifest itself. In fact, we have all the potential, the means and the necessary knowledge, technology, entrepreneurial skills, inventiveness, capital and so on to be able to implement this planetary metamorphosis without delay.

The only factor that prevents us from achieving this goal immediately is that all the necessary means and resources, while present, are precluded from us. Ever since human beings were banned from an honest monetary and monetary system, satanic power has spread its tentacles in every decision-making center and this has prevented us from exercising democracy in a respectable political system. We have been denied all energy sources that do not bring profit to the families of the diabolical conspiracy, as well as thousands of therapeutic methods that could soon make the whole population healthy, for the same reason. They have precluded us from an education capable of strengthening our mental faculties and bringing out our latent talents, providing us only with an education designed to numb critical skills and an inquiring spirit, replacing them with a false perception of culture to conceal abysmal ignorance; just as they have precluded the development of a jurisprudence in harmony with universal laws, with a solid scientific and philosophical basis, in which law and justice can no longer diverge.

The enormous fraud perpetrated against humanity by simply depriving it of all the means that would have guaranteed its harmonious development, is the work of a handful of psychopathic Satanists and constitutes the greatest crime ever committed in living memory. They have taken a path opposite to the natural one, they have consciously placed themselves in antithesis to evolution, they have declared war on Mother Nature.

But we know that Nature, which understands time, always wins. It tends to rebalance imbalances and establish new harmonies. Those who oppose it are inevitably destined to be overwhelmed and disappear.

Satanic and usurious capitalism, aspiring to global domination, has decreed its own demise. It is impossible that an action so contrary to the immutable universal laws does not lead to a catastrophe. Consequently, it is mathematically certain that the new world order of materialistic Satanists is imploding and collapsing.

This planetary shift is happening right now and we are directly involved, we are part of it. This epochal moment in which the whole world is forced to re-harmonize with cosmic laws entails profound transformations in every aspect of human life. We are part of this process and as such we are all individually bearing a huge responsibility.

Since thought is creative energy that directs events and shapes circumstances, and since each of us is forced to think in any case, each of us is, in the current very delicate historical moment, responsible for what he thinks, because every individual thought it helps determine which side the balance needle hangs towards. The concepts of morphogenetic field, collective unconscious, planetary aura, buddhafield, etc., give us an idea of ​​how our thinking is connected to that of others and shapes the reality we live.

If, in the planetary clash, in which both physical and material, as well as metaphysical and subtle forces are involved, we allow negative moods, doubts and pessimism to harbor in us, we feed the frictions in the unfolding of the evolutionary process and play the game of forces hostile to the liberation of humanity.

We, on the other hand, know with certainty that evil cannot prevail, because this is not the will of the Creator. We know that Nature (even the one within us) has projects very different from those of the diabolical addicted to power. We know that the turning point, the next evolutionary step for the human species, is inevitably pre-established and has already begun. Therefore, armed with this inner certainty, on which mind and heart agree, we can only exult.

What awaits us is so wonderfully new, so beautiful and desirable, that it is practically unimaginable. And those who have even only partially understood this reality often become prey to great impatience, a craving for events bordering on anxiety. Often this then leads to disappointment, when the events unfold at a slower pace than the one dreamed of.

But if we can keep our anxious impatience in check, if we can see the events from a more detached point of view, our perception becomes much clearer and we notice that all the events taking place fit perfectly into the path towards the fabulous future. prefigured.

We must align our mind with the will of the divine and this means learning to ignore the news and information that lower our vibrational frequency and to value those that raise it, just because they have this effect. In this time of confusion, where information, counter-information and disinformation chase each other on all channels, it is an excellent way to collaborate in building a better world and at the same time to preserve one's peace of mind. When doubts arise in the mind, when we no longer know what to believe and what voices to listen to, it is undoubtedly the best thing that can be done to listen to the subtle inner voice that speaks in the religious silence of one's heart.

This voice knows everything, including the future, and what it tells us can only make us enthusiastic, happily electrified and aroused, inflamed with sacred ardor, and at the same time calm and patient, in the quiet and lucid waiting for what we know is a categorical imperative and that already written.

Welcome to the world of joy and love!

Welcome to the future!

Luk Duke III