Message from the Galactic Federation of Light - December 19, 2020

Good day and greetings, members of the Army of Light as Shawna so lovingly calls you. 

Today is a massive day for all lightworkers on the planet to awaken to the truth of reality, the truth of existence. Here we watch as so many of you continue to struggle through the illusion of your 3D lives, lost in the sea of confusion, fret, worry, desperation, pain and suffering. This is not who you are, nor were you ever meant to be this. Humanity has been lost to these emotions and identifications for far too long. We are here – collective “WE” are here – to help usher in the new Earth, at her higher frequency, so that those who decide to follow behind you to this plane of existence can have an experience that is much more in line with your true natures as divine aspects of Source.

So hush my dear one. Hush the part of you that is identifying with the negativity that abounds this existence for so many of you. Take heed and allow yourselves the pure, unadulterated access to the essence of God consciousness that is your birthright. This is how the new Earth is born – in freedom, in sovereignty. In light and in love.

Enslavement begins with you. How is this so, you ask? Enslavement is the epitome of God consciousness gone “wrong”. You have those who wear the masks of freedom, and those who wear the masks of enslavement. We say masks here to denote the concept that you are all playing roles on a very large stage – each part contributing to the whole, to the collective consciousness. When the masks you wear become the person you are, beyond just a concept or idea in terms of a role being played out in a grand illusion, consciousness breaks down and the false identification of self takes root.

“Who am I without this mask? I’ve worn it for so long, I have forgotten it was only a mask, not really me…just a temporary role I was playing in a larger paradigm of learning and experience.”

The real you, the you who on some level has chosen the mask, is asking for a reprieve from this game that has gone too far, that has slipped away from reality. This is why we are here. To help awaken you to this game, to this illusion, so that you remember that you are in choice…remember that you have a choice here and you can choose otherwise. This may take a bit of effort and focus and a setting of intention. Can you make the choice today to choose differently for yourself? Through effort, focus and intention? Today is a great day to start.

We love you and appreciate all that you are doing to free yourselves from enslavement and move whole-heartedly into light and love.

Channelled by Shawna L. Frances