Twin soul Ascension report: solstice energies and the grand conjunction of 2020


Dearest brothers and sisters,

greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share with you, ever-evolving humanity. We are now cosmic moments away from the Ascension Horizon Event, the grand conjunction of 2020, whereby Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct in Aquarius at nought degrees. Many astrologers the world over have indicated that this grand conjunction is the true marker of the age of Aquarius.
I would like to take a few moments to speak about what I am being shown about the energies of the 21st of December.
With this particular planetary alignment, I am being shown that energetically a cosmic map is being created which aligns perfectly with the energetic output of galactic central. What this means is that, on the higher dimensional levels of consciousness, a pattern or a map is being formed astrologically and astronomically, which is in effect creating a star gate or a portal, you could say, to galactic central. As I've spoken about in my energy reports since they first began in May, 2015, galactic central holds within its central core photonic light particles.
Photonic light particles are also known as God particles. As we align with this particular significant astrological portal date, we will be, in effect, creating an etheric pathway to the stars, an etheric pathway connecting the portal of the earth plane so that it is deeply in alignment with galactic central.
This means that all of the photonic light particles that are continuously spewing forth from galactic central will be reaching the earth realm unencumbered.
The triumphant success of this work is also connected to the huge amount of shadow work that humanity has cleared in the last year. We have all been born witness to an en masse collective spiritual awakening.
Many, many brothers and sisters have woken up from being fully entrenched and identified in the third dimensional matrix, to the realization that there is much more to this reality than what we have been indoctrinated to believe.
It is very important to know that one person coming into awakened consciousness is all powerful, as we are all micros of the macro. And due to the last year, 2020, we have witnessed an absolutely unprecedented amount of humanity awakening spiritually.
As I mentioned earlier, we are all micros of the macro. And so when one consciousness ascends out of the false matrix of the third dimension and comes home to the higher dimensional realms of consciousness, this automatically lifts the vibration of the whole entire planet. And that is what has been going on en masse. With so many people being spiritually awakened and being free of the third dimensional prison matrix consciousness, this in and of itself is directly lifting the planet's vibration. As the planet's vibration is being lifted, it is aligning on a frequency level with galactic central. And as this occurs, this ensures that the influx of photonic light particles, or God particles, reaches humanity unencumbered.
Also, with regards to the photonic light particles that will be spewing forth from galactic central for the grand conjunction of the 21st of December, I have been shown that we are about to receive a brand new geometrical pattern of photonic light particles that are connected to the higher strands of our DNA patterning, i.e., these photonic light particles will be communicating directly with our so-called previous junk DNA, which has now been massively brought back online. These photonic light particles will be interlinking with the previously perceived junk DNA in order to assist humanity to truly become one on an individual level with one's higher self.
On the 21st dec day, I will be hosting a winter solstice transmission. Please see below for the full details on this transmission. In this transmission, we will be working with all of the Aboriginal elders at Uluru who have requested that we all come together in our global Ascension groups to assist in the opening of the Blackbox.
I will reveal to you all the information that I have received about the Blackbox, which is absolutely fascinating and is connected to the star system of the Pleiades.
This is such an important mission that was seeded at the time of Lemuria and the planetary elders wish to inform humanity that we really have arrived vibrationally at the plateau that was needed in order for the Blackbox to be opened.
This is such an auspicious ceremony to be invited to, and it is my deepest prayer that everyone reading these words commit to showing up to a global ceremony on the 21st of December.
I would like to now share with you all what I am being shown about the twin flame collective. There is currently a group of divine masculiness who are being specifically targeted by their higher selves at the moment. these divine masculines have been resisting surrendering to the ocean of their true Divine feminine and have been somewhat addicted to the comfort and survival that the third dimensional realm brings them.
Please know that for this particular group of divine masculines their higher self is very much intervening in this trajectory and they are being massively contacted particularly in the dream time by their true eternal Divine feminine.
They are having experiences of heavenly realms and heavenly realities in the dream time with their true Divine feminine, and as they wake up in the morning it is absolutely impossible for many of them to shake off the feelings of deep emotion and connection that they are feeling in their heart.
Please trust Divine feminines that your divine masculine is being awoken by their higher self at the moment.
If you feel a connection reading these words if you feel goosebumps or somewhat emotional this means that this is a specific personal and pertinent message for you.
Divine feminines you are being guided to fully trust the universe and the timing of your divine relationship.
Thank you all so much for being on this incredible journey. What a year it has been. Losing my Facebook, losing my Instagram, and writing my book. The first draft of my book will be completed on the 21st of December, and I will share with you all information on how to pre-order the book, which will be published on the 14th of February.
I would like to now take a moment to Thank all the brothers and sisters have signed up to be part of the incredible one day retreat that I will be hosting on the 21st of December with special guests Magenta Pixie, Laura Eisenhower, and Charlie freak.
On this day, we will be going very, very deeply into the sacred and deeply spiritual energies of that day. We will be working with prayer, music, and mantra to invoke the feelings of alignment with our own divinity. Also on this day, I will be sharing powerful tools to assist you to fully stabilize in your crystalline 12 stranded DNA light patterning form. This will empower your trajectory to stabilize as a spiritual master -as a lighthouse for all your brothers and sisters who are awakening around you.
On this day, we will also be massively addressing the false aging codons that were programmed into our DNA. We will be removing these degenerative aging codons from our DNA, and cleaning the DNA patterning in order to align back with our original blueprint which Mother-Father God intended for us, which is to co-exist in these human forms for truly however long we wish.
This is a massively huge part of the Ascension process, and please know that we are doing this work for all the future generations to come
Since the 1212 transmission I have received literally hundreds of emails from so many of you thanking me for the great work that took place on the 12:12 transmission and the great work that I am doing for all of my brothers and sisters.
I'm sorry I don't get a chance to respond to every single message as there really is too many but I honestly do read them all and I'm so grateful and truly and deeply humbled to be the facilitator of such life changing sacred ceremonies
I love you all so much, and I'm so grateful for every single one of you in my life.
In love and light, Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe. 
Solstice transmission
The winter solstice transmission will take place on the 21st of December at 10:10 p.m. UK time.
In this transmission we will be working with the Aboriginal elders of Uluru who are the Guardians of the great rock.
The aboriginal elders have put out a great call to humanity for as many souls as possible to gather in large meditation groups to support the great work the Aboriginal elders are being called to do on that date.
We will be assisting in the opening of the black box and I will be sharing much information with you about the secrets that have been revealed to me about the true Nature and origins of the black box.
We will be working with the elemental Kingdom and queendom particularly the fairies, unicorns , elves and all nature spirits.
It is so auspicious that the black box has been granted permission to be opened and it is proof that humanities consciousness has reached a particular level spiritually.
We will be working on empowering the Ascension timeline for the entire collective as well as receiving extremely auspicious blessings for all of us who come forward to be part of this life-changing ceremony.
We will be working with the energy of the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on this day and with the prophecies that were put in place long ago explaining that this particular conjunction herald's the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius.
This is such an exciting time to be alive. We truly are moving out of darkness into the Golden Age and all of us who show up for this level of spiritual transformation are truly the forerunners and the way-showers of this great great work.

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