Channeling from Sirius: TIME FOR UNITY

It is time now for you all to come together into UNITY.

It may seem to you that the Dark is winning the so called war against the LIGHT but in TRUTH the LIGHT has already won. What you are seeing in the 3rd Dimension is the last vestiges of the dark still trying to control you as they realise that they have lost the war. As your poet Dylan Thomas once said: " They are railing against the Light".

As you are all part of the ONE GOD, ALLAH, BRAHMA, JEHOVAH, THE ALMIGHTY, THE ELOHIM, FATHER/ MOTHER GOD or just a LOVING energy. However you name it come together now in LOVE.

You are all moving from a 3rd Unity Dimension to a 5th Unity Dimension and as such there is no place for darkness in this new Heaven on Earth. Souls are coming together in Unity now. There is much movement on the planet as this happens.

At this time of Christmas, God's son in the Christian religion JESUS or JESHUA is shining his light on the world. Many of you will be getting together in your families. You will be putting up lights and giving out presents showing your LIGHT and LOVE for each other. Know that you are all sons and daughters of the ONE true GOD however you name it, it is a LOVING energy that knows no bounds.

You are all part of this energy and you are all OMNIPOTENT beings and as such you all have the Power to LOVE one another. Come together in UNITY to send this LOVE around the world. Even the so called dark ones are part of the ONE and as such they need to be loved not hated. Pity them Dear Ones for they may not feel this LOVE and know not what they do. They will all now have to transform or leave the planet as there is no place for darkness in the 5th Dimension.

The battle is won now and it is time for you to go within to reflect and meditate on the future of your planet. Come together in UNITY with your friends and families. Do not concentrate on the divisions that you see, feel the connections that you all have.

Do not even try to argue with others about your own Truth just BE your own true selves. By just being YOU, others will see the LOVE.

It is time now for a movement of souls as you all come together in your own soul groups to finalise the process. You may find that friends that you have known for years will not want to be in your company and visa versa. Your Light may shine too brightly for them but have no doubt others will take their place.

In your new soul groups you will have the POWER to finally cleanse all. You may find within this cleansing process that one day you will be feeling elated and another day sad and depressed. Fear not, dear ones this is just a process. When these feelings come up call on us and we will help to elevate these feelings. Bless them for they are coming up to be healed forever.

We send you the BLUE LIGHT of SIRIUS to help you in this process. Send this BLUE LIGHT to everyone and everything. You are becoming powerful OMNIPOTENT beings Dear ones and as such you are all GODS within your own lives.

Think not of the Divisions in the world, think of the connections for there are many. Come together in your communities in your LOVE for each other.

We reiterate to you that every single being on Earth at this time is moving from the 3rd to the 5th Dimension. Have no fear for there is no place for darkness in this new Heaven on Earth that is to BE. The Time is NOW.

We applaud you Dear Ones for you have worked long and hard for this time. Relax now and know it is a job well done. You deserve all that you wish for.

TRUST and BELIEVE Dear Ones. ALL that you so desire is coming to fruition.

We send you many Blessings and much LOVE.

We are SIRIUS.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius 15.12.2020.