Channeling from Sirius - Time for reflection - 8.12.2020

Dearest Ones it is now time for you all to go within and to work on yourselves to be the best that you can be. The confusion that the darker elements have been throwing at you is making some of you question what is actually going on. We have been told that some of you need more evidence of the Light that is increasing daily on the planet, which we see as overwhelming.

We can tell you that All is Well and on track for the New Earth that you all so desire. There is much Hope for that future Timeline. The Time is now for you all to go within and finally clear away all the darker feelings that have been coming up for you in the past few weeks.

As you go through this Ascension process you may well have been going through feelings of sadness, anger, disappointment and confusion as you clear much from your past. This is a natural process. Liken this to a jeweller polishing a diamond. This process does not happen overnight and when he has finished the diamond may well still have flaws. However many years you have been on the planet, you all came here to help your Earth to Ascend at this time, to a new way of being and as such this cannot happen overnight.

As wayshowers you are ahead of the game so to speak but you are not perfect either. Be gentle with yourself as these feelings come up. This is such an important time in your Earth's history and it is behoven on you all to get it right. Know that these feelings are coming up for you to heal and to look forward to a happier time. As the darker side is healing on Earth so shall you heal.

We too have been through this process in our history and we can help you. At this time of December 2020 the planets are beginning to align and to help you in this process and you will find that after this time things will start to get easier. The Solstice and Christmas time will be a time when many more will have the chance to awaken from their slumbers and realise how they have been controlled for many years.

You were all given Free Will to learn and to grow your soul on Earth but this Freedom has been hidden from your view by the darker elements for eons. This time of Control will end as this year of 2020 ends. There may well be much confusion on the planet as many Truths come to LIGHT and more and more humans wake up to what has been happening to them for years was just an illusion.

Dear Ones by you going through this process of clearing now you will be more than able to cope when this confusion comes to others on the planet. Know that what is happening to you is a good process and when you have cleared, you will feel much stronger and happier.

As Starseeds and Wayshowers you may well have felt out of touch with others and alone for many years. However this is no accident for when others awaken you will be there to help them. We salute your work for it has been tough for many of you. You have been doing the work in one lifetime that others may well have taken many lifetimes.

Remember this when you see others who still sleep for they will have to wake up and look within to find their own demons as you have done. They will look for help and advice and YOU will be the ones they turn to. This inner work is the most important work that you can do and will be much rewarded in the future.

Dear Ones these are amazing times for you all, so do not despair. Clear those negative feelings from within and positively manifest that wonderful new life that you so desire. Resist reading what the Main media are telling you for as always there is not much Truth being spoken about what is actually going on. Ignore the negative and focus on the good that you do see. Go within to find your own Truth and manifest a better future for yourselves.

We can help you in this process. When you feel the darker feelings call on us and we can neutralise them. Again we say to you that we have the technologies to neutralise anything that disturbs you. You all have the power to change anything from within. Those of you who do connect with us can use our Blue Light to surround anyone and anything to transform it to Love.

We are with you at this time and many of you will be seeing us as we too Transform. Exciting times Dear Ones so call on us and we will help and advise but know that you are becoming powerful beings, yourselves. Trust and Believe Dear Ones. All is well.

We are Sirius and we send you much Love and Many Blessings.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 8.12.2020.