Channeling from Sirius: Time to wake up

DEAREST ONES, NOW IS THE TIME for all of humanity to awaken from their slumbers. The LIGHTWORKERS or those who seek the REAL TRUTH have done an amazing job of highlighting the dark on EARTH at this time. They have been shining a LIGHT on all of the darkness that has been shadowing and controlling the EARTH for centuries.

This is the TIME of AWAKENING NOW. This is the TIME to set aside all of your differences and come together to MANIFEST the NEW EARTH that truly everyone in the LIGHT would desire. The ASCENSION from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension and above is in progress NOW.

It is TIME to let go of your egos and set aside your fear, anger, disgust and talk of retribution. It is TIME to acknowledge your own LIGHT and strengths and to find your connection with everyone on Planet EARTH today.

The so called war between the Dark and the LIGHT is won. What you see playing out now is the last vestige of the dark failing against the LIGHT if you will. The tail of the snake flapping around when its head has been cut off so to speak. Pay no attention to this for it is TIME now for you all to come together as ONE. It is TIME to decide for yourselves what YOU would like to see played out in the world today and to MANIFEST it.

Many of you may well be feeling battle weary as you still see this darkness being played out on the stage at this time. Give no thought to this for your most important mission now is to decide for yourselves how you want the EARTH to be now that the battle is won.

Some of you will want to step up and be the leaders of this NEW WORLD, some of you will just want to relax and enjoy the new PEACE and FREEDOM that will definitely come. Others will still be deciding what to do. It matters not for if you are here at this time you have all been involved in this amazing Mission on Earth and you will be guided. Remember the support that you all have in the higher Realms.

As LIGHTWORKERS you have all done an amazing job and overcome much to be here at this special TIME on EARTH and you deserve all that you can ever wish for. It is now more important than ever to learn to FORGIVE all those who have been in the Darkness and have been controlling the Earth for eons. BLESS them DEAR ONES.

Imagine if you will that the EARTH is the stage and that you are all merely players (as your Shakespeare actually said in his time on Earth). You are all spiritual beings playing out human lives on Earth today, actors in a play if you will. You are all ONE in the production that is the ASCENSION. Each play will have its evil and godly figures. The dark has to be there for the LIGHT to shine so to speak.

Without the Darkness on Earth today humanity might never have awoken. BLESS the dark for in times past you may have been a part of it yourselves. As LIGHTWORKERS you have awoken from your sleep and you will be very much needed when others finally do so. Those who are still asleep will be needing your help when they too awake. Remember how long it has taken for you to come to your own TRUTH and you will be able to understand how others may be feeling when they find out the REAL TRUTH.

However the darkness will have no place on your EARTH in your NEW WORLD of the 5th Dimension. Those who have been on the dark side will now transition or leave the planet. They know who they are and these are the ones who have been backed into a corner so to speak and pretending to still be in charge. Do not fear the words of these dark players for they have no power DEAR ONES.


You have the POWER now to MANIFEST all that you so desire for the good of all. Use this POWER well DEAR ONES and DREAM your new world into existence.

When you do see darkness or negativity around you instead of being sad or angry imagine it being surrounded by the LIGHT for it to TRANSFORM. You are POWERFUL, SENTIENT BEINGS and as such this is the most important work that you can do NOW. Again you have much help in the higher realms so call on them to aid you in this work.

Your thoughts are POWERFUL so keep them POSITIVE and avoid any negativity.

THINK on the LIGHT and DREAM well dear ones.

We are all ONE and as such we are here to support you in your time of ASCENSION. We are so excited for you, yours is the future so make it a good one DEAR ONES.

As always call on us for help in anyway.

We are SIRIUS and we send you much LOVE and many BLESSINGS.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius. 1.12.2020