Channeling from Paul the Venetian - 14.11.2020

My Dear ones I have come to you  at this exciting time on your Earth today.Many of you will have walked with me on your planet in ancient times. We have come together now to walk through a Timeline to a new way of life on Earth for the future.

Many of you are on the path to Sainthood or Ascended Mastership  whilst you are still living on this planet. This has not happened before.

You came here as enlightened beings from many parts of the galaxy to help the planet and its inhabitants grow from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension and above.

You are the elders so to speak and are teaching a whole new generation of children below you.  

You are full of Light and this  Light is engulfing the planet today.

It is time now to come together to unite in your final battle to overcome the dark that has been ruling the planet in times past.  

It is time now to ignore the negativity that the news makers are showing you which they are using to try and divide you.Instead of railing against this negativity shine your light upon it.

You are all such powerful beings  and as such, do not get embroiled in fighting against it or trying to change it at this time.

It is important now for you all to stay positive and shine your light upon any darkness that comes up.

It is no accident that you are all going through many different emotions at this time.You are reflecting all that is happening on Earth for it to change. The darkness within you and others  is being shown to you for it to transform into the Light.

It is as if the dark soul is like a 2 year old  child having a tantrum ,the more you argue with him/her the more you perpetuate the problem.Give the child a hug and wait for the anger to subside and the problem will go away.

This analogy may be simplistic in nature but in Truth this is the way to Mastership.

Ignore the wrongdoings and praise the good. These children know not what they are doing.

They need your Love not your anger.

The dark souls of these children are here to learn also but if they do not transform in this life they will move to another dimension to grow in learning.

Your most important mission now is to help the planet move into the 5th Dimension and help everyone come together in Love for this to happen.

Many of you have one foot in this new Dimension and way of being. You are showing the way for others to follow. Do not be swayed by the dark,it has no power over you unless you let it.Have no fear.

Whatever you see or hear to the otherwise. All is well.

Be as if you were an Angel and these so called dark beings are in your charge.

Instead of seeing the  differences in those around you, find the wonderful connections that you all have.

Forgive others who have done you harm including the dark souls who  have lost their way.  

Look within to clear out your own shadows and forgive yourselves for any wrongdoing in the past.

Now is the time for Mastery and Manifestation.

You are the ones to Dream your new world into existence.

The darkness is just a distraction ,give it no power and  it will fade from your view.

Shine your Light on everyone to show them the way back into Love.

Be at one with your own families and friends. Love them all and find your connections instead of your differences and  spread the Light of  Loving human kindness throughout the world.

Be your own Masters of the Light.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius  on 14.11.2020