You are the dreamer of the world of dreams

“You are the dreamer of the world of dreams. No other cause it has, nor ever will.” -A Course In Miracles

Close your eyes and breathe in deeply. Exhale and repeat, softening your shoulders with each outbreath, letting go of the tension you may not even realize you have been holding in your body.

As you settle into a slow, rhythmic breathing pattern, remind yourself that you are safe and whole, embraced in the gentle, loving arms of the One, Infinite Creator. All is well is this timeless moment. Feel the truth of this statement as you breathe.

Become aware of the light dancing around the edges of your field, shining behind your eyes even as they are closed. Some see this light with an inner vision, others feel it as a tingling sensation, a weightlessness, a subtle presence, or even a simple knowing.

As you focus on your breath, allow it to become a shimmering shower of light, moving in and through the physical vessel you have mistaken for yourself. Breathe this light in from your root chakra and on up into your crown, then breathe it out and let it cascade in a magnificent, shimmering shower all around you. Recycle the light back through your root chakra as you breathe in and repeat the process, enjoying how the silence grows expansive and full, drowning out the distractions of the mind.

All is well in this timeless moment, for you are this light , the very light that moves through and animates each and every particle of the universe. YOU are the extension of God Itself. YOU are the Creator’s Light, the unseen power that informs and enlivens the entire world of dreams.

You are the dreamer of the world of dreams. Nothing exists outside the knowing of your true and mystical Self. It is a profound and radical discovery. When fully accepted, it turns your belief system, hence your entire world, completely inside out. There are no more villains to punish or blame, and no more victims to sustain stories of fear and darkness. There is no motivation to attack or defend, and no sense at all in perpetuating divisiveness, for your sense of separation naturally falls away as you experience your connection to everything that is.

You are the dreamer of the world of dreams. There is truly nothing outside yourself. There is not even an angry, separate God to blame. You alone are responsible for hiding this unbelievable truth. You wanted to play the game of duality, experience the perspective of a physical being, and undertake the evolution of form.

And now, as you grow tired of the game of separation and the suffering to which it is bound, you are beginning at last to question its reality. You are aware of subtle, transformative energies; the light, love, unity, and peace that flourish beyond the third dimensional matrix. Its programs of fear, lack, and division no longer make any sense, and despite the physical “evidence” to the contrary, the third dimensional narrative is becoming less and less credible, less and less able to hold your awareness in its grasp. Each moment you sit in silent inquiry, focusing on the exquisite energies within, you are calling for remembrance, preparing yourself to embrace and merge with the fuller truth of your being.

As you breathe deeply, please know that all is unfolding exactly as it should. Through what appears in the outer world as chaos and confusion, “pandemics”, restrictions, censorship, and uprising, the universe and all of its fragments of Self, each magnificent aspect of you , is ensuring the choice for love. The darkness is rising to the surface of consciousness so that you can see it plainly for what it is and choose once again. You are the dreamer of the world of dreams, guiding yourself home to wholeness and ease, acknowledging that which is deceptive and false so that you may make a conscious choice for that which is true; the shimmering light of the Infinite Creator as it remembers Itself, chooses only love, and dreams a world of beauty into being.

Rebecca Porter - November 16, 2020