"The Sixth and Final Golden Age" by Ron Giles - 11.9.2020


The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius will usher in the last and final Golden Age of Mankind in 3D. The Earth and its beloved humans are Ascending into the 5th Dimensional vibration; Heaven on Earth.

Some relevant History

The degeneration of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of the generations of mankind has precipitated the "fall" of Mankind from the enlightened realms we call home, into the darkness of 3D. We are presently experiencing the worst that man has had to endure from these overlords that have controlled us since the "Fall Of Man."

These overlords hate humans and live off of the fear that is our natural response to their nefarious, sadistic activities. Just as the taking of Adreno|chrome from the victims of extreme torture that produces an addictive high in the physical realms, the overlords feed off the human energy of fear in the Etheric realms that gives them, not just a high, but the essential life force energy that sustains them in their life in the lower overtones of the 4th Dimensional realm. Few of them, if any have a functioning Soul left.

The degeneration of the generations of mankind was exacerbated by the overlords as they developed a Patriarchal Society where the dominant energy was masculine. The balance between the male energy and the female energy provides the balanced energy that maintains and builds the DNA for the human body. This imbalance between the male and female energies created by the overlord's Patriarchal Society, distorted our DNA so that we do not function at the higher levels of spiritual possibilities that belie our god-self. We have lost the Spiritual Gifts that are naturally produced within our DNA structure. The overlords knew exactly what would happen with this imbalance and, as a result, Mankind plunged into the dark and dense third-dimensional vibration where unnatural events could take place. The key characteristic of an unbalanced society is the un-natural desire for Power Over Others; the antithesis of "Oneness," which is our natural state of being for a Human Being.

The overlords began to find kinks in the armor of the God-Sparked-Humans and projected themselves into the helpless, unaware human beings and often took over the consciousness of their bodies. When out of balance, the masculine energy runs amuck and creates a fatal decline into extreme darkness. Welcome to Hell on Earth. The overlords had a very advanced arsenal of weaponry that left us helpless to fight against their tyrannical reign of terror. The present Cabal Satanists are the consummate example of this degeneration.

Without outside intervention, mankind would be destroyed like diseased cells that eat healthy cells and take over and destroy the life force of the body.

The Spirit of God moved upon the humans and they began to pray for help. There was a plan already in place to answer these prayers and the "Golden Age of Mankind" was put into play.

In order for the plan to work, many extreme changes needed to take place. The Free Will edict that has been in play for this earth experience since its beginning, had to be honored. This means that mankind had to do the work to bring these changes about. Certain outside help was allowed when we were outgunned but we always had to “Ask” in order to be “Given” the help we needed. So here we are facing the task of rebuilding our world so that we can not just “survive,” but “thrive.” Without the overlords controlling us, it is our nature to thrive, and thrive we will.

Divine Tools were to be provided to man to accomplish this monumental task.

Many dysfunctional aspects of society had to be addressed with solutions that are synergistic in their application so that each element of dysfunction could be “Fixed” in harmony with the other problems.

The dysfunctional aspects are: (not an extensive list)

  • Governments – Fix -GESARA
  • Financial System – Fix - Quantum Financial System
  • Health Care – Fix - Celestial Chambers and other modalities
  • World Economy – Fix - A new non-government-controlled, people run economy that works for all people.
  • Organized Religion – Fix - A Faith-based, non-monetized, un-organized, Personal belief systems, where each person creates their own relationship with Deity according to their own spirit-based understanding and guidance.
  • Need for Power Over Others – Fix - Personal Sovereignty honored by Society and those who are elected and want to serve in Government.


The foundational tool that has been created for this Golden Age is the Quantum Computer (QC). As the foundational tool, it had to be created with the highest technology available so that it could provide the necessary support without limitations for the success of this Golden Age. Many technologies will be created with the use of this QC. The massive capabilities that it holds will be used by us for individual uses as well as business uses. We will have personal access to the QC, not just for our financial activities but for many other things that will support our lives, just like a personal computer. You could say the QC is the ultimate "Cloud."

The QC will become the Quantum Worldwide Web for communications and other applications that will support our living. It is unhackable and will provide personal security way beyond our present security applications. It will become our friend. We will not be interrupted by bad players interfering with us for financial gains. No more pop-up ads or in-your-face ads that you have to x out to read the article or news item. Other technologies will be created for advertising products, but the QC will not be used for paid advertisements of any kind. Goodbye Google, you and your types will be defunded as we establish our own connections to the Quantum Internet. The QC is permanent and will have no need for upgrades. It uses the quintessential Quantum Operating System that came from the Heavens, the perfect tool for our time.

As the real Golden Age of Mankind is unveiled, we will see that a very benevolent Being or Intelligence is behind this plan and we as a species will thrive in the absence of the limiting factors that are present in this dense third Dimension. As we naturally balance our body's male and female energies, we will heal our DNA and come back into harmony with our perfected blueprint and go through our ascension.

We need to connect to our inner knowing so that we can see ourselves through this bump in the road we call the Elections. Those with Eyes to See can see the end of this game and can see that it will all work for our best good. We are loved and we certainly are not forsaken or abandoned. Plan on a new day and the new Golden Age of Mankind, it is knocking at our doorstep. All we need to do is simply answer the door and let it in. Let us join together and break bread in gratitude for our bounties. We are loved.

Blessings to All, and to All, be a blessing

Ron Giles