Dearest Ones

Have no Fear about what is going on at this time of your Autumn/Fall November 2020 such as the so called virus spreading, more lockdowns taking place and an election in the country of United States of America which is being hijacked by a dark agenda.

Even though all may seem  to be in chaos at this time on Earth, this is certainly not the case.

You fear that the Light is being dimmed and the Dark is taking over.This is far from the case.The LIGHT continues to expand throughout the Earth .If you could see what we see in the higher realms you would have no fears at all.


What is happening in a 3rd Dimension reality is just a story playing out .Do not get embroiled in this story of the Dark verses the LIGHT.
The LIGHT has already won.

What  you are seeing is the last vestiges of the dark  been cornered by the LIGHT so to speak.

Just as a child has a tantrum when he/she  does not get their way so the Dark are reacting to the LIGHT by stamping their feet to try and show that they are in charge.

The Dark elements  do not play fair and have to use corruption in their fight  against the LIGHT to hold onto their power and always have done so.

However this is a time for the ASCENSION to take place and the darker entities have no place in the 5th Dimension.

In this strange time more and more LIGHT from the Great Central sun is being showered on the planet in vibrations that the Dark entities cannot take. They will have to Transform into LIGHT or leave the planet.

You worry about those who are still asleep.

Do not, for they will soon awaken from their slumbers as the Real Truth of what is happening is slowly seeped out into the human consciousness.

You as Lightworkers or Wayshowers have done an amazing job in awakening many but the time is now for some of you to relax and do more of your work from within.

Connect with other Lightworkers in the ether.You may not know each other physically but your soul knows who they are.
Send you LOVE and LIGHT to all you know ,your own communites ,your country,and the whole world.

Many groups are coming together to do this and it will be very powerful.

Manifest the New World of Light that you all want to see.You are Sovereign beings of the LIGHT and know that whatever you wish for will MANIFEST in good time.

Be patient dear ones ,the time of ASCENSION is almost upon you.You have worked long and hard for this time ,o not give up now.
In Truth many of you are already in this 5th Dimensional state.

As always go out into Nature and commune with the flora and fauna.

Gaia  needs your help as she is also Ascending. As you send your LOVE and LIGHT to her she will reward you with her beautiful energy.

Your so called loss of freedom is just an illusion as your soul is FREE.

Avoid harsher energies.

Avoid the Main media.

Keep positive.

Help those who need your help.

Stay centred.

Have no fear.

Be grateful for all that you do have.

Dance, sing, paint, write, be creative in all that you do and you will learn to survive this so called lack of freedom.

Meditate often.

Connect with your Angels and Guides for  help and sustenance.

Call on your Star families to guide you through the storm to a safe haven.

We in the higher realms are always with you and we say to you again.



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