The Galactic Federation of Light: Our Future Economy - Part 2


You can read part 1 here.

Kare [interviewer]: There are rumblings on the internet about the financial system crashing and Bitcoin be more being kind of a safer place to place your investments. Is that even something we should be concerned about? Can you comment on Bitcoin?

Galactic Federation of Light [channeled by Kate]: Bitcoin, we would say will be one of many different economic options for trade. What we are showing Kate (who is channeling) is a visual of smaller communities, who will in time gradually develop their own way of trading goods and exchanging services. For those who will choose to stay in larger cities, there may be more reliance on Bitcoin or gold or other goods. For those of you who are or will move to smaller communities, we do not see money at all. In time, it will be an exchange of services much like farming communities used to do centuries ago. And so, we will advise you not to put all your eggs in one basket but to diversify and keep an open mind.

The Internet will Evolve

Kare [interviewer]: Thank you. That will be very, very helpful. And I presume that the internet or something like the internet will still be up and running?

Galactic Federation of Light: Yes, we are showing Kate that there will be times of short-term outages, rolling blackouts, but they will not be long lived in should not at all be a reason for concern. But this is part of a grand reset.

What some of you, but not many of you, know is that much of your internet is what we would call the dark internet which many of you do not see. These are background underground sites that permeate much negative information and that have for the sole purpose of infiltrating other sites and accessing information for their own use and benefit. With these blackouts and these resets, this dark web will be done away with and we will not reveal how and when. For that is not important, and we do not wish to reveal too much information about that now.

The Future Internet will reflect Universal Truths

The Internet of the future will open your eyes, and your minds more importantly, to information that until now has not been made available to you. There will be many programs focused on health and well- being. You will have access to information that will slowly but surely teach you about universal laws. How to treat each other. There will be much information about areas where there is a need for service, where there are opportunities and roles in areas that until now have been very obscure or limited. This would be much like a job site. But these jobs would be fulfilling. And for the most part, they would be in service to others and heart-based.

And so, your internet in the future will evolve to serve humanity to open your eyes and expose you to true reality, as opposed to the internet now, which is filled with nanotechnology and bots that control what you see, that censor the truth, and that hold you down, locked down in 3D matrix like programming and propaganda. You can imagine the Internet of tomorrow will be far, far wider, with arms and legs that reach outside of your world. 

Kare [interviewer]: That sounds so exciting. I can’t wait for that to land. Gosh, that will be a huge influence upon all of humanity in such a positive way, because well, right now, so many of us are quite dependent and addicted to the internet. And do you have any words of wisdom that you would like to express in regards to what we can do individually, and as a collective, to make this transition easier for ourselves, more seamless?
Remain Open to These Changes

Galactic Federation of Light: While the answer may feel that it needs to be complex, the answer is truly quite simple and easy. And we would hope within grasp of all humanity. You simply need to remain open and remain calm for it is your collective energy that will either create a resistance and slow the growth and the transformation that needs to happen, OR it is your collective energy that will open the gateway to this wonderful transformation. It is all up to you as to how smooth or how tumultuous this change will be.
We, on our end, are doing what we can to ensure that there are minimal impacts to humanity. But you must meet us halfway. And all you need to do is become and do this through meditation, through breathing or breath work. And remember that this is short-term pain for long-term gain, we understand that you all know and understand the saying.
Tune Out of Mainstream Media

Do not be distracted by your negative media. Tune out and away from it. And remember that the future is far brighter. But you must go through these changes, you must go through a short time of perceived instability, temporary insecurity in order to step in to this brave new world that you are about to step into. So this is all we ask. Remain open. Trust the future and stay calm.

Kare [interviewer]: Beautifully said. Thank you.