Just Sayin’

As it turns out, Trump actually has been the wild card wrecking ball that we felt he would be. In order to truly see and understand how it happened that we would have such a man as President, it’s important to take in some information.

There’s plenty of evidence that we’re smack in the midst of epic change here on Earth. The exposure of the many dark human (anti-Human) activities is having an effect on the population, whether we have awareness of it or we don’t.

It’s best to have awareness, in my estimation. If we choose to ignore the events unfolding here or cleave to a belief structure around any of it, it can not only make us vulnerable, but it also limits our ability to take part in changing it.

And that’s why we’re here…to change it and raise all of us up into a higher resonance and frequency.

I understand that people have concern over Trump’s environmental actions. I share them. Guidance for me has been that our Galactic Brothers and Sisters are in regular communication with him and they share an understanding that environmental clean-up can be done rapidly with their help.

It would appear that the current focus is on human corruption, and this issue seems best resolved by Humans (with some Galactic guidance, perhaps). My hope is that once the legislative and law enforcement swamp is drained, the focus will shift over to Big Pharma and Big Agriculture, both majorly anti-life industries.

Very few things are as they seem right now. No doubt, it’s been why messages for years have encouraged us to look within and exercise our discernment muscles.

The following video is a bonus. I call it that because during the election process, I was so irritated by what was done to Bernie and so disbelieving that Donald Trump would ever be president that I chose to avoid listening to anything Trump had to say. And honestly, Bernie couldn’t have done what Trump has. He showed up with a gash on his face at the convention and suddenly became a fan of the HRC.

In retrospect, I’m truly grateful for the folks who voted for DJT and I wish I had been paying attention to what he had to say. It would have fired up my passion and helped dissipate any feelings of hopelessness and resignation I might have been harboring. He addresses the miserable state that the country and the world has been tangled up into and that we all want out of with every molecule of our beings.

It’s finally happening! The first domino is about to tip over, so let’s keep the good thoughts and feelings flowing while these long-awaited events unfold.

It really is All Good.