James Gilliland: Is Anyone Paying Attention?



This is becoming an insult to anyone with common sense and critical thinking. 

We have a few unanswered questions. When Biden comes out of his bunker to blame Trump for hiding in his bunker how many people come to his rally? Last big Biden rally had 12 people. Less at others, they were probably paid staff or security. When Trump holds a rally, thousands appear, it looks like a sea of people. So how is it someone who no one cares to listen to is leading in the polls according to the lame stream media? Didn’t they do the same thing last election? The next question is why did Biden’s people agree to check for ear pieces then disagree right before the debate? Enhanced photos show clearly his ear was filled in with makeup hiding an earpiece. Inside sources say his eyes also had special contacts that act as screens which is why he walked on stage like a robot. Chris Wallace has always been anti Trump and he alone came up with the questions, then blocked Trump from getting answers to his questions. The latest photos hitting the internet, allegedly show Mr. Wallace at Epstein Island. This would explain everything. Then there are the paintings of past presidents on the walls some wearing dresses. 
The debate was, in truth a set up with the cards stacked extremely in Biden’s favor yet Biden still could not pull it off.  Anyone who watched the debate, as chaotic as it was, could see clearly Biden could not or would not answer many of the questions, especially about his son. Hunter Biden is under investigation, the millions given to Hunter for his father’s influence is well documented along with Joe Biden’s stopping investigations into the corruption of the companies his son worked for. Biden repeatedly said this was all rumor, gossip was refuted while already admitted too by his son and still under investigation by the Senate.  Any legitimate fact checker would have torn Biden apart especially when it came to his accusations and statistics given to him by his handlers, which he still got wrong. The constant interruptions by Trump I must say were brilliant, it distracted Biden from his handlers.  You will not hear about this total fail with everything stacked in Biden’s favor in the lame stream media.  The debate was not between Trump and Biden. It was between Trump, a cyborg that can’t be in the sun past 10AM, a room full of statisticians, political experts, probably psychologists telling Biden what to say. It’s not just Trump against the democrats its Trump against the swamp, the deep state, corrupt and compromised politicians, pedophiles in Hollywood and the music industry, including drug and sex trafficers. Why wasn’t the pedophile, drug and sex trafficing dealt with in the Clinton and Obama eras? Why are the democrats so against the border wall? Is it cutting into their profits or supply chain? Research it. Do not be so naïve.
Now before you jump to any conclusions we have issues as well that need to be addressed with the present administration. Environmental issues, especially concerning oil we have not needed since Tesla.  Too be fair many of Trumps issues were inherited from previous administrations. We cannot blame or depend on one man to solve all these issues. More people of color were locked up during the Clinton and Obama administration and the cages on the borders were in place before Trump. Yes the democrats built and filled the cages. Police brutality and racial injustice do occur yet statistically it is nowhere near the level it has been reported by the democrats and their propaganda arm the lame stream press. Playing the race card is playing people of color and culture for ulterior motives. If politicians were serious and wanted to solve these problems they have had the opportunity for quite some time. Some almost 50 years. Why didn’t they create the prison reform act, Trump and his team signed into law? What would they run on in the next election? Racial injustice and discrimination get votes and they fan the fires of both? They make the same promises every election only to again break them? The politicians screaming the loudest are often the richest living in mansions taking advantage of the very people they claim to serve. Trump already made his money. Look at the net worth of the Clintons, the Obamas before coming into office then after leaving, we are talking billions. Has any of this vast wealth returned to the people?  As an observer the majority of the states and cities where the poverty, crime, addiction, and homelessness are worse are democratically run states and cities. Base logic dictates they have failed, broken their promises, and can no longer be trusted. This is common sense. So why is it not applied? Has there been some kind of MK Ultra mind control applied, does the main stream media use these techniques to influence and brainwash the masses? I would say considering the violence and destruction of mostly black neighborhoods this would better fall under the category of population control. Do they really care how many die in the riots and violence or do the riots and violence fit perfectly into their agenda? Do they care what happens when things become so violent the military is called in and more people die? Reason this, the democrats are playing the masses, the violence and deaths are a means to an end. We have mentioned this before, when we see white people marching with signs saying white people suck, I hate white people and down with racism. Is that not racism and self-defeating? How about people of violent and bad character suck why not judge a person by their character and actions? How about women in the LGBT community demanding Sharia Law? Do women have any rights under Sharia Law other than to obey the men. People in the LGBT community will be put to death under Sharia Law. Someone drank the left cool-aid. That cool-aid is served up nightly on CNN and most major news outlets. If you haven’t heard according to the left there are no riots only peaceful people, moms and children demonstrating until the police come and beat them into submission and Antifa is just an idea. Meanwhile in the background cities are burning, there is looting, rioting and murder. To add to the insanity, they want to defund the police. Sounds like a recipe for disaster but is that not what they want. Take down America? It is the dream of their handlers the global elite because America stands in their way for global domination. Total power and control.     
Trump is to my present knowledge the first politician to not take a salary and leave his first four years in office with less than he came in with. Why? He put an end to countries taking extreme advantage of America set into motion by corrupt politicians. He built a strong economy and is doing it again after the Covid 1984 plan/scamdemic that went into hype r drive due to misinformation and the lame stream media. Now the CDC and the WHO are saying the lockdowns had a more adverse effect than Covid with the democrats doing everything wrong concerning the outbreak and wanting to continue on the same path. The only ones who want the lockdowns etc. to continue are democrats and those heavily invested in the vaccines. Gates and Fauci were roommates in college and along with Soros, the name feared to mention, own the major pharmaceutical companies making the vaccines. They had the patent for the testing kits in 2007 and Gates said on Ted Talk a virus will be the next big threat and his vaccines will end the overpopulation problem. There were 12 cases of polio in India when he was done inoculating the people 48,000 and counting came down with the deadly debilitating disease. He is not even a doctor he is an astute business man yet everyone turns to him for medical advice? Has anyone asked what as businessmen do they have to gain?  
Trump did everything right including closing the boarders to China in the beginning which most democrats were extremely against. The lame stream press keep blaming Trump not China for the deaths ignoring the fact that if the democrats had their way there would have been an extreme increase in sickness and death. Now they say they are the party of caution. Trump has proven with his own life on the line there are safe alternatives to restore health in hours, days without costly hospital visits or vaccines. High five on that one.
Trump has done more to promote peace than any other president. He is bringing more troops home ending hundred year old conflicts. The only collusion with Russia the latest evidence reveals was with the democrats, their bought and paid for Russian fake dossier by the DNC,”Hillary”, the extremely bias and corrupt Muller Investigation and their coup to take down a duly elected president. The Democrats have colluded with other countries creating policies harmful to the people of which they now accuse the president. To be fair some rhino republicans were also in on it.   The democrats and their lame stream press continue to perpetuate these lies. I think it is time to bring out the real fact checkers. Not the extremely bias fact checkers bought and paid for by the liars, the deep state and lame stream press. This includes the social media platforms censoring anyone that calls them to task for their bias and deceptive reporting. 
In the democratic world of double speak now conservative Americans are Nazis when in truth their socialist agenda is mostly funded by Soros, a self-admitted Nazi, a Jew who turned in his own people. This is not the democratic party of John F Kennedy a man I admired. It is now operating in a similar matter to Hitler and other tyrannical regimes sponsored in the past by the same global elite. A party that will do anything for power and control. For those who have not noticed the take down America is a plan a long time in running. It is now being carried out by the left sponsored by the global elite who abhor freedom. Now it is the Elephant in the room people are tip toeing around because there are some extremely powerful people who have engaged in nothing less than treason. 
Freedom is not free. It has taken a lot of lives in the past of every color and culture. What would happen if we all united under the banner of Freedom. What if we all agreed on Universal Law, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. What if we taught this to our youth, in our schools? What if the money was taken out of politics, problems were solved by a council of Grandmothers. What if leaders were chosen by their spiritual adeptness and track record of service to humanity and the Earth?  Better yet turn to the guidance of Spiritually and Technologically Advanced off worlders who have transcended war, disease, poverty, cleaned up their environments. They are waiting. Do you seriously be lie ve Earth is the only intelligent life, the best Creator has to offer? If you do you drank the cool-aid offered by a socially engineered society. A program that has kept you ignorant, dumbed down and controlled in a long term plan brought to you by the dark hearted tyranny of the global elite. Time to awaken, know your Earth history, the ancient colonization of Earth and your multidimensional divine heritage. Time to rise up and stand in your own divinity. There are unalienable rights given to all humans by the Creator and no one or institution has the right to take them from you. It is Universal Law the best representative of which on Earth is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Know them, live by them, protect them they are divinely inspired to guard against tyranny. The same tyranny most fled from a long time ago. The same tyranny that has risen and come again for your freedom. It is like a bad Lord of the Rings movie.  Tyranny will not win for it is not in alignment with or frequency specific to Creators plan and the evolution of Earth. Don’t be attached to it or under it when it falls. 
Be well; James Gilliland

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