Dianne Robbins October Message: Earth is Your Home - Not Your Battleground

Greetings, we are the Tree People, waiting for your presence into our realm.  Our worlds were meant to intertwine in a melody of song and good cheer.

We bring you good tidings from the Nature World, the world of many kingdoms and many realms all intertwined with yours on many levels of existence, if you could fathom them. We are all excited about the merging of our worlds, and now we know it will come about. A critical mass will soon be reached, where you’ll all be able to see right into our realms and feel our presence even before this occurs. For your world is spinning quickly now and events are occurring fast, and the wheels of time are flying by carrying you along in an unending stream of events leading to many future possibilities of great promise and surprise to human eyes. Ah yes, marvels undreamed of are on the horizon of hope, and you are privy to them as you awaken one by one and then by the millions, till your billions wake to the brilliance of the Creator’s Light setting at last on Earth’s shore, bringing all life forms and all kingdoms into harmony and balance and oneness as it always was meant to be. We have arrived at last—we have come home.

The Water and Air Elementals Speak

Greetings, dear ones of Earth.  We are the Water and Air Elementals here to grace and care for your Earth home, if you would only acknowledge that this is your home and not your battleground. It is your home to live and thrive on, not to war on. So why are you killing each other and killing everything that grows on your land? We ask you to consider these words very seriously, because if you don’t stop, the Earth herself will stop you, by removing you enmasse and tossing you off into other realms of existence where you can continue your games of destruction. You are like lost children who keep repeating the same war games and never learn to move on to different ways of living and different ways of experiencing life around you. You keep repeating these deadly games over and over again for millennia. What is your problem? You are meant to be Creators of life, not Creators of death. So why are you dying? You are not meant to die, you are meant to be immortal and to create life that is beauteous and everlasting.  We are contacting you now to tell you to unite with us and merge yourselves with us so that we can show you the way—a new way of living and a new way of loving. We have always been living in peace and harmony with all life forms, and now it is time for you to do so. There is not a minute left to lose.


We will not clear all the smoke from the wildfires that have been purposely set to further cloud your vision and put you into more fear. If we did, the perpetrators would only start more fires in California and burn more Trees—and then more and more until the whole United States goes up in conflagration. They won’t stop in their attempt to destroy the Earth and control you. But you can stop them by waking up and taking back your power of awareness and consciousness and throw up your arms and stop the game. Viola, it is that simple. Once you know the game, you can stop it, because you are then not willing to play. You cannot have a game without players.

We see through all this, and you can too. You already know it is all a game—even your coming to Earth is a game. It is an exercise in durability and keenness and learning to overcome obstacles and seeing through illusions without getting caught in delusion. So don’t delude yourself into thinking all is well, when it isn’t. Just look around you—does everything look right to you? When you see beggars and homeless people on your streets, does this look right to you? When you see the sick and suffering all around you, does this look right to you? When you see poverty and decay, do you think this is something created by the Creator? Well, what or who do you think created all this? You will be surprised to hear that it was your blindness that opened the way for this to occur. Your blindness and lack of awareness and fear opened the door for these dark forces to move right in and override your wishes and dreams because you let them do so. You gave your power to them by not taking responsibility for yourself or others or the Earth. You said, “It is the government’s job; let them do it.”

In a free state, everyone takes responsibility for everything, and then everyone thrives. You will find this in all the other kingdoms and in the Inner Earth Realms of Light. It is only in darkness that people no longer feel responsible for anything or anyone, and just struggle on alone. Responsibility is directly connected to FREEDOM. Without it, you cannot be FREE. You can be free of responsibility and think you have created an easy life, until one day you wake up and see that you are imprisoned—that you are a slave to your country governed by diabolical rulers. Well, this is what happens when you give up your responsibility for an “easy” life, and “letting someone else” do it and someone else make all the rules of the game. You then become an unwitting player, trapped in darkness and unable to find your way out.

Well, it is not too late. You still have time to wake up and recover your power and learn to take responsibility. It is all about responsibility. Everybody learning to do everything, and doing it well until you are experts at everything…then you start your climb in consciousness and you spiral out of this 3rd dimensional realm into higher states of existence.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins