"5 Million people took to the streets in Berlin last weekend. Similar protests are taking place in the US, Britain, Ireland, Hong Kong, South Korea, Serbia, Italy and Bulgaria. Many lightworkers are wondering if it's advisable to join in these protests.

We all have to follow our own guidance when it comes to these matters. While some of us feel called to join these protests on the streets, it is advisable for the more empathic lightworkers to assist the protest energetically while staying home and meditating as they can be far more effective this way. The role of many lightworkers is to hold the light of peace around the planet while the Dark Ones intensify their efforts to ramp up the chaos and confusion on the surface through directed energy weapons, false flag events, black magic, and a whole array of options available to create mass panic.

While it is true that the Light has won and the Ascension of the Planet is guaranteed, we are seeing that the Dark Ones are not giving up their power easily and have decided to make humanity suffer until their last breath. The Cabal is infiltrating many of peaceful protests by sparking random acts of violence. It is in the best interest of the Dark Ones to label these peaceful protestors as lawless hooligans and 'Conspiracy Theorists' who are disturbing the peace. Archons and negative entities are able to manipulate policemen or aggressive protestors to spark violence, chaos, and destruction.

Certain lightworkers who have dedicated their lives to cleansing their vessels and meditating regularly in order to be able to hold a high light quotient are extremely valuable to the freedom movement. These are the Avatars, Star Seeds, Light Priests, Priestesses, Witches, Shamans, Grid workers, Empaths, Indigos, Crystals and the Rainbows. These beings who have a strong connection to the Prime Creator can be a lot more effective if they were to hold the peace while meditating from the safety of their homes while the world is witnessing the massive uprise in protests in major cities. These beings are usually very empathic and the chaotic energies of mass protests would lower their vibration significantly were they to participate physically. Their main role at this point is to energetically counterbalance the negative energies being created by the Cabal in order to destabilize our planet.

Gaya (Mother Earth) has reached her limit of suffering now...she wants to rest. In the next few months, we are likely to witness a mass uprising in humanity as more and more people are Red Pilled. People will be furious when they learn how deep the corruption goes amongst our Governments, Media, Pharmaceutical, Banking, and Health Care systems. The real virus is the satanic underground system that has been harvesting the blood of innocent children for centuries right under our nose. As humanity wakes up to these truths, chaos and uprisings are inevitable. This collective anger, if left unchecked, can destabilize the planet and even lead to major cataclysmic events like Earthquakes and Tsunamis. It is more important now than ever before for the Lightworkers to hold the peace.

A daily meditation is suggested for 10 minutes upon waking up as that is when our connection with Source is strongest. While laying in bed, before rising, place your hands on your heart and connect with Source. Bring your attention to your breath and breathe in white light from Source while filling up your body with this light. Say a heartfelt prayer for peace on planet earth and the safety of all of our children as well as all the citizens of Planet Earth as well as the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. Imagine a peaceful white light emanating from your heart and surrounding the entire planet. Imagine all countries of the world living in harmony, joy, and peace. One person practicing this simple mediation on a daily basis is more powerful than a thousand people protesting on the streets.

If all of us do our part, we can create a tangible shift towards World Peace. No matter what challenges or obstacles come our way, we will make it. The ascension of this planet is divinely assured. The only question is how peacefully can we get there."

Channeled by Siman-Ra Sep 3, 2020 @ 6:30 AM