I'm writing this with the primary intention of getting through & guiding anyone who may be stuck in fear, panic, and hopelessness with the way the world is right now!

Many of you following me have heard me share since January, even before the lockdown began, that the Corona Virus exists in one timeline and does NOT exist in another. It exists in one world, and does NOT exist in another.

'What exactly does this mean', some may ask? 'I mean, there *IS* a deadly flu-like virus out there, somewhere, that's apparently causing numerous days of illness and bed-rest, like the common flu but more enhanced we hear? And, even though we personally do not know ANYONE or perhaps not too many people who have caught this 'deadly' virus, the entire world is going bonkers over this, so then why are some people SH*T scared of this Virus, while others go about their day like there is NO pandemic threat?'

Let me explain. We live in a Vibrational Universe. The Vibration of our REALITY is decided by our VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY which is decided by several factors including our thoughts, emotions, belief systems, attachments, addictions, etc.

Timeline A: Those vibrating at a higher frequency attract a REALITY that matches that higher frequency. This reality could look more joyful, blissful, free, filled with laughter & creativity where they spend quality time in nature with the elements of AIR/WATER/EARTH, etc.

Anyone vibrating at these levels simply IS NOT an energetic match to FEAR and that their immune systems are healthy and thriving. Fear cannot be used as a WEAPON against them because it simply will not even 'register' in their field. In other words FEAR, which vibrates so low in the vibrational scale, does not even show up on their scale which is at a far higher frequency and therefore NOT a match to the frequency of FEAR.

Timeline B: Those vibrating at lower frequencies that are associated with feelings of guilt, heavy programming, emotional instability, fear, etc attract a REALITY that matches the frequency that they are emitting through these internal feeling states. Their lives are full of fear, worry, concern, stress, illness, negativity, over-thinking, over-stimulated brain, sadness, worry, confusion, depression etc. Their immune systems may not be as strong, and when combined with the deadly poison of FEAR, not to mention all the mind-control and subtle programming by channels such as the Main Stream MEDIA (tell-LIE-vision) the VIRUS becomes a match to their frequency.

You see how everything is VIBRATIONAL?

You see how FEAR and WORRY are actually PLACING some in a lower timeline?

You see how by FEAR'ING and WORRYING, you're more susceptible to be a vibrational MATCH to the PSY-OP tools being used to dumb & numb you down further?

You see how by inner-standing how THE LAW OF ATTRACTION works and by REALIZING that you are a physical manifestation of this law, and by KNOWING that you CREATE your REALITY based on the frequency that you VIBRATE at, people in a higher TIMELINE can walk around freely and blissfully without WORRY and therefore live a life of freedom even amidst these control structures? Not just that, but in this state, we are more POWERFUL to create POSITIVE CHANGE for the world? Getting infected or affected is not even a possibility for us because it simply does not exist as an option in our reality.

In other words, the version of the video game that we are in doesn't have the COVID APP, the Vaccine App, the 5G app, and so on.

There are so many of us living in this Ascended timeline. We see a completely different narrative of World Events because we have shut off our Television and turned on our INNER-KNOWING. We can smell truth from fiction in a heartbeat. For our hearts beat in resonance every time we see and hear the TRUTH and our stomach churns with distaste when we are in the presence of FALSEHOOD.

The masses are now waking up amidst the Greatest Mass Awakening this planet has ever experienced. As the vibration of this planet rises, completely unaware people are experiencing THIRD EYE ACTIVATIONS and beginning to ""see"" a new perspective on this world.

An unseen hand is guiding this Ascension process and there is a glorious Master Plan that is unfolding before our very eyes.

The curtains are about to be drawn and the truth will be revealed for all to see !! Welcome to the most exciting show in the Universe !!

With Love,

My YouTube videos are a gift from my heart to yours. Here's a video that I recorded in January, 2020, in Bali, to prepare my soul-family for what was coming. There are other videos that I invite you to check out as well.