PAO Galactic Activation Webinar with Jared Rand: Questions and Answers August 23, 2020

An Open Letter to All Lightworkers from PAO:

Normally, each month after a PAO Live Webinar, we post the interview as an archive so that those who missed it can order a replay.
But, during Sunday’s Webinar, Jared Rand gave us so much crucial information about what is likely to unfold over the next few months that we feel it imperative that everyone who follows PAO can hear his message.

Repeatedly, Jared mentioned that the more of us who can raise positive vibrations, the sooner our planet’s current crisis will evaporate. Feeling the profound truth of his words, we have accelerated and broadened the video’s release so that all those who hear it will be able to spread their Light more widely across the world.

Here are two email addresses for Jared and his assistant:

Here's his website. You can research how to donate to the Celestial Chambers

Here's the link for the many charts he has for your perusal....check them out.