Galactic Federation Message To Humanity (August 2020)

Questions for the GFL Below:
1. Is there anything else we can be doing to help save the children? (8:26)
2. Is There anything else we can be doing individually or collectively to move into a 5D timeline? (9:10)
3. Is hydroxychloroquine a medicine we should trust to cure covid along with zinc and other vitamins? (9:53)
4. How do we connect with you and other benevolent beings? (11:06)
5. Do you have an update on the Reptilian wars surrounding this planet? (12:32)
6. Is there anything you can tell us about A.I technology? Is there anything we can do about this? (14:12)
7. Will there be Mandatory vaccines and if so, what can we do about them? (16:39)
8. What is the rest of 2020 like? (17:46)
9. What should we be doing for the next few years? (18:16)
9. What about money and financials? How can we prepare for whats to come? (19:14)
10. Anything else we should know about the 2020-2024 changes and timelines? (20:12)
11. Any information regarding the Headaches & Exhaustion would be great! (20:39)
12. Are there any general or direct messages you want to relay to humanity before we close? (21:34)