When Guides Remind You That They are Here For You

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to share a dream with you since it feels so timely right now.  I dreamt I was in a beach city ( felt like it could have been Manhattan Beac in Los Angeles).  I was going to a restaurant/bar on the beach to meet up with friends, and had parked my car along the side of the road which is above the restaurants (you had to walk down to the bars and then down to the beach. I recall carrying only my phone and car keys.  When I got to the restaurant, I laid them on the table.

After we were done I left the restaurant and proceeded to walk up towards the car–but I couldn’t find it!  In fact, I could not even get to where I thought it was because the buildings around me were built right up to the road causing the road to end and begin further on.  So I walked back down towards the restaurant but could not remember where it was! Geez!

So began my wandering through various bars, clubs and other venues looking for the road and my car.  I walked through indoor pools (more like jacuzzis) wondering to myself  why a bar would have one.  I even remember having to step into the water and make my way across one of them to get to the exit.  I kept going looking for the right restaurant all the while being perplexed as to why I could not remember where it was, or its name.

After what seems like hours of searching, I felt totally frustrated and helpless so I stopped.  Looking up to the sky I asked my guides to help me find the restaurant where I laid down my keys.  In less than a second I remembered it.  Not only that,  I realized I was standing right next to it.  I walked in and found my phone and keys laying on the table where I left them.  Then I walked out of the bar heading towards the steps that would take me up to where I parked my car.  Sure enough the street, which was blocked off the first time, went all the way through and my car was right were I left it.  The dream ended with me opening the door and getting in.

So what was that dream about?  I believe it was about a couple of things.  First, it was a reminder to me that my guides are always there, ready and willing to assist.  It is also a reminder that sometimes what we believe is the tried and true way to do something may not work each time, in other words, it may be blocked for some reason.  When tried and true doesn’t work, instead of spending days and weeks trying to  make it work, (and hitting our heads against the wall, so to speak) just back up and ask for help.

Last but not least, it  was a reminder to  me to be grateful that I have the ability to communicate with my guides.  Because of that ability I don’t have to wander around in confusion and fear, unable to recognize a blocked path, and unable to realize it  is simply a message that I’m being guided to change direction.  I don’t have to stumble blindly unaware of the fact that all I have to do is ask for clarity around that direction and then to look for the signs which will most certainly be there.  Yes, I am most grateful, not only that I have the ability but that it can be easily taught to others.  We all have the equipment inside of us, we just have not been shown how it works and how to use it.

On that note, if you feel ready to learn how to recognize the many ways your guides speak with you (in and out of dreams) and to read the signs they provide to show you the way, there are a few spots left for the upcoming Guide Communication Workshop by phone.  I’ve opened up a few more spaces than usually because I do not now when another one will be scheduled.

Talk to you all next Monday on our regular Compassion Creator Call,