The removal of the many troublemakers by the Galactic Federation of Light along with the RV/GCR and Prosperity Program Funds will revive the world economies shortly.

There will be a confirmed Disclosure by many of the world's governments. The Plan is to share suppressed Technologies shortly after the Abundance is Released. This includes Healing Devices that activate our DNA to its natural state of youthful non-aging, health without disease and healing of injuries and instant learning of any subject, skill or ability. There are many amazing technologies. Some can reforest vast areas in a few hours. Imagine Thinking your clothes on or off, Sonic Showers, your own Holodeck (Star Trek style) with life-like entertainment or Forests to visit or a Beach to swim in. Growing a Home fully furnished with all the trimmings in a day or two, Flying Cars, Teleportation and many more Devices to meet all needs or imagined possibilities.

Our abilities are increasing rapidly as the Light is growing at a vastly accelerated rate each day and we are absorbing much of It. Our Unified Focus brings about needed transformation and we Direct It, See It and Feel It happening and be an Essential Part of these transformations going Live Now.

Inner Earth will also be Announced worldwide and visited by Those who make Their Intention known. There we will be educated and prepared to share the Knowledge and Joy of our Now Conscious Dream to be known to all Humanity and of Mother Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe and Beyond.

Hold your attention on all the wonderous things that await us as we call on the Grace of our Almighty Father Mother God to Guide us in the Changes in Miraculous Ways. We Pray the Light takes complete control of our Lives as a Divine Dispensation descends to fulfill the Divine Plan.

The bankers and money managers are not in charge of the Humanitarian Projects. These are linked to the Prosperity Programs and those in these Programs will receive instructions on how to Disperse and monitor the spending of these Funds.

There will be several waves of Prosperity and will be announced in upcoming days and months.
Money may totally disappear shortly after the RV/GCR. One reason is greed, another is that Technology will replace the need for money with having more money than can be Imagined.

St. Germain, Quan Yin and Master Hilarion are in charge of the RV/GCR NESARA/GESARA Operation. They are assisted by the Hammer of God, the Galactic Federation and the vast Light Forces.

The Humanitarian Projects are connected with Prosperity Programs, but anyone can be part of a Humanitarian Project if they apply when the Funding starts as info. will be available then.

More Waves of Prosperity will flow after the 1st Wave is dispersed. Check the web. The Cabal will be history before that, so what we're seeing is their systematic removal. It's like removing the Nazis from WWII Germany without firing a shot.

The rates on the new Gold-backed currencies will gravitate to their true values and previous norms. Parity means agreed upon using certain criteria like mineral resources and economic development.

Money will end as Technology is Released to do just about anything, even beyond Star Trek/Star Wars.

It will actually Train Us and Prepare Us to Use Our Own Abilities Easily, Effectively and Safely, mainly after the Metamorphic Chambers where we get Fully Restored to Our 5D+ Selves, Galactic Angels or Sons/Daughters of Our Almighty Father Mother. As Christ said, 'Know Ye Not Ye Are Gods.'

All cities formed where twice-yearly Festivals, weekly Fairs, where Council Trade guidelines and enactment of censure, on rare occasion until they were healed occurred, at the outskirts of the Shambhala Communities, composed of 1000s of Family Garden Homesteads, occurred, and the SCs started dissolving, when ego came with money and government control slavery being introduced. All cities will dissolve by returning to this format, in reverse, when money and government control slavery begin to disappear with the RV/GCR and GESARA starting now and the SCs eventually replace all cities and Caregive all Forest Lands with these 1-hectare Family Garden Homesteads.

Source: Unknown (Via Pao/Galactic Heart)