Judas Iskariot: There is Hope


I am Judas and I want to tell you, all the people on our Earth, that as long as there is hope, there is life. I see how difficult many people are, I feel their despair and their fear of a future they do not know.

Dear children on Earth, do not think about your future, remain in you now, although it may feel difficult right now. It is in you now that you can find the answers to all your questions. It is in you now that a new future can emerge. It is in you now that you can change the world just by changing your thoughts. It may sound like a miracle and it is a true miracle. There is a lot of power in the present if you can indulge in it with all your attention. Begin by accepting the present as it is. Rest in it for a while. Feel the power that rises within you. Ask yourself what you can do right now or if you just want to rest in yourselves for a while. Circumstances and your inner leadership can tell you how to relate to what is happening right now in your life.

Fear only gives birth to more fear. Violence only gives birth to more violence. Have you learned from your history and actually understood that it is the way it is? Isn’t it then time to think again and go another path that looks more promising. It’s time to break old patterns and introduce new ones on Earth today. However, it cannot be done by force. The energies most needed on Earth today are compassion and love. An understanding that we belong together. It is therefore important to think about how you relate to your fellow human beings. Is it love or something else that I convey in contact with my neighbor. Meet all the violence you see with love and it will turn into something else. Do not let yourself be triggered by any negative feelings, but keep calm and love within yourself. This is what Jesus would say:

“For they know not what they do.” Why judge someone who doesn’t know what he or she is doing. It is more important that you stay in the light and send out as much love as you can to your fellow human beings who can now be both confused and scared.

Light and love need to shine brightly on Earth today. You all have an important task in being still in the light and love within yourself. Is there any step you should take, then take it in love. Don’t be fooled or triggered by other similar feelings. Love should be unconditional and compassionate for all the beings who are now on your Earth and are now trying to take small or large steps towards the light. Somehow you all walk towards the light. Some may have a little further way to go and a little more experience to do, but the walk goes equally towards the light. You are all guided there by a greater force than you can sense or understand. It cannot fail, you will all find your home in the end.

The earth your mother has begun to return to the light and is about to release some darkness that surrounds her. The same goes for your dear humanity, you are moving towards brighter times, are migrants with your Mother Earth. That is why it is so important that you keep the light and love in your inner living and strong for the times now. I urge all who have found the light in their hearts to strengthen it and let it shine for whatever the fabric holds in the present time. You now need dear light workers. Your light and your love is what the world needs right now. However, let the world be and shine with your love of the Earth and all the beings that dwell on it. It is in this unity you need to be to anchor the light and love of Earth again. It is when love reaches your hearts that the world and the Earth have a completely different meaning and that meaning is in a completely different dimension to the one you are now used to.

Light with your light. I shine with my light with you.

Great love

Translation for this channeling to English by EraofLight.com

Channel: Ann Dahlberg