IntoTheLight.news: I was seriously hesitating whether to post this video here or not. See what Steve Beckow from Golden Age of Gaia has to say about it:

Wow, I just finished watching Out of Shadows. I am shell-shocked.

And now I’m in a quandary. Do I post it here and send you into a tailspin?

I’m willing to post the URL and you decide whether you want to cross that line between blissful ignorance and painful awareness.

Please be responsible for choosing to watch this video.

Watch if it’s in your soul contract to know this deeply about the Deep State – Satanism, Podesta, Jeffrey Epstein, Hugh Hefner, MK Ultra, Pizzagate, Hollywood, spirit cooking, false-flag wars like Vietnam – oh my, what a litany of evil.

Ostensibly the pedophile network is being taken down as we speak, or I hope it is. And at some point all of this may/will be covered in President Trump’s expected presentations to the nation.

It’ll probably take me a day to recover.  If this is all revealed, I can well see that, as the Federation of Light said a while back, “it will get much more serious.”

As I said earlier, the worst part of it will be, I assert, how we feel – an internal rather than an external event. After watching so much evil and degradation, I feel sick to my stomach.

But this is all part of it, all part of why we’re here: To bear witness to this and demand change. Not to relent until all of this behavior (not people) has been eliminated from the Earth.


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