David WIlcock: Powerful, Provable Pandemic Prophecies from 1996


Up until yesterday morning, when I unpacked the prophecies in the first half of December 1996 and copied those words into slides for the YouTube live video, I had no idea how comprehensive they would really be. 

If you watched yesterday’s show, then you are well aware that there were literally dozens of precisely-encoded prophetic references to the current pandemic in those readings. 

The bulk of all that prophecy content can be audited back to the year 2000 on Archive.org. The rest can be forensically audited from many existing hard drives I have. Therefore, its authenticity cannot be disputed.

Taken together, it seems obvious that the higher forces always intended to give the Cabal the opportunity to try out this massive, global stunt. 

The ultimate positive outcome was also made very clear. The readings even gave us three dates where we might see big parts of what they called “the happening:” May 25th, June 3rd and July 10th. I have no idea if these are accurate but it is very intriguing to wait and see. 

Put simply, if the beings could have foreseen the pandemic this clearly, just like they did with 9/11 in the same prophecies, we have no reason to doubt the positive future prophecies that have yet to arrive. 

As we discussed, the readings did indicate that “the (dark) patriarchy will be denominated” and freedom, peace and prosperity will be restored on planet Earth. 

I remember seeing those icky prophecies about germs, “infective tissue and infected waste” back when my readings first started, and I remember hoping that this ‘buggy’ version of Ascension did not take place. 

Now that we’re in it, the most encrypted and mysterious collection of data in my readings has suddenly all sprung up and made sense. There’s a whole new book in there waiting to be written, just from how intricate and detailed all of it is. And I am sure that I will find far more of them now once I have the time to look.

More than writing a book or doing a video, what this really shows is that WE ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK. This is NOT the end of the world. It is a NEW BEGINNING. It is the commencement of the main Ascension sequence the prophecies spoke of.

Back in 1996, the beings already knew they would let this event happen, and they spoke in so much detail about it that it was very obvious the whole thing was precisely understood. 

From there, we can easily take a “leap of faith” and understand that the rest of the prophecies they spoke of… for the times BEYOND those we are in now… are also going to come to pass. Other cryptic passages will then be unlocked and make perfect sense once we get to those points. 

Either way, I get it. This is a tough moment in the life of all people on planet Earth. However, it is not the end. 

With everything that’s been happening in recent world events, we’ve all been given an opportunity to get shaken awake… or to struggle to stay asleep and swallow the “program as usual.”

The energies to prevent this mass awakening are STRONG, as I’ve shared on my YouTube livestreams…with almost 4 million views in just the last two weeks.