The Angels View on the history of Fear, Viruses, and becoming the Cure

Hi All,

While the fear of coronavirus is spreading more rapidly than the actual virus itself, the angels remind us that we need not sit idly by and wonder what will happen. We are connected to the power that creates universes and heals all ills! We have guardian angels to guide us. Each one of us is a powerful force of love, whose light contributes to the cure for the fear, and the cure for the viruses that energetically arise from it. There is such a thing as spiritual immunity.

The angels' guided me to do this video with a brief history of how the One became many, how the many began to forget, and how the virus of fear arose, and gave birth to the actual viruses we now fear. Of course there was science, biology, and the material causes, but the angels see everything arising in terms of vibration first.

Then, enjoy then a guided imagery prayer and meditation to return to our true nature and to see beyond the illusions and bear witness only to the love that lives within all things – even in the fearful viruses. Watch the light emerge from within the coronavirus reminding us that as we bear witness only to this light we are spiritually immune to all darkness. 

Remember how powerful you truly are.

Together, may we become the cure to the virus of fear. 

In love and service,

Here are the sections in the video:
0:00 - 3:22 - Creation in Love
3:23 - 5:46 - The Fall into Separation
5:47 - 6:47 - The rise of fear / the rise of illness
6:48 - 7:10 - The one true cure
7:11 - 8:13 - A call from the angels for our light
8:14 - 11:00 - A Prayer to become the Light
11:00 - 11:25 - For there are angels among us
11:26 - 11:57 - A visual reminder that the light lives even in the viruses...and a vision of the coronavirus turning to light.
11:58 - 13:01 - You are the Cure
13:02 - Credits

Music by Robin Miller
"Heaven Awaits" from his CD "A Journey into Light"
used with permission

Images by various wonderful souls in Pixabay, Unsplash, and the Public Domain Image Library.

Cover Image by LoganArt on Pixabay:

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