Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message, February 21, 2020

Why do we warn against holding onto negative thoughts, simply because they are energies that build up and eventually take form. Consequently they are attracted by those souls who hold onto such thoughts, even though they represent experiences they would rather let go. The most obvious example is that of the “Devil” that exists in thought form only and does not possess a soul. However, its influence is fearful and although souls try to ignore it, through the fear it creates they are maintaining its existence.
In other words when you focus upon something you give it power regardless of whether it is seen as positive or negative. For Reptilians, fear is the energy that they feed upon, and they create conditions that will ensure that type of energy is always available to them. They rely upon it for their existence as “food” and without it would lose their power.
On the other hand when your thoughts focus upon positive energies such as love you are helping spread it around, and are also keeping the vibrations at a higher level. It helps to pacify those souls who are affected by negativity, by bringing about a calming peaceful effect. Through your own human experiments you have proved the power of positive thought. When thousands of people meditated upon peace the affect was recorded, and it was found that criminal activity was reduced by some 25%, and for example if millions of people meditated and prayed for world peace, it would come about for certain. So as the vibrations continue lifting up, they are slowly bringing about welcome changes in your society. Each one of you can contribute to these changes by avoiding self-imposed negativity.
You are on the verge of experiencing far reaching positive changes that will eventually establish a more peaceful society by eliminating the conditions that have led to poverty amongst you. A time is on the horizon that will introduce changes to your way of living that will eliminate the conditions that are presently causing so many problems. Many welcome changes are coming that will overcome those that have blighted your lives, and will gradually eliminate the causes of poor health and wretched living conditions. It takes time to overcome such worldwide problems but be assured that the answers already exist.
We hope that knowing of the bright and happy future that beckons, will give you the strength and purpose to keep steadfast and determined to go through such testing periods, without any doubts as to what the future holds for you. We know you tire of the continual battles that go on around you but the old must first be cleared away so that the new can take its place. Man is at heart a peaceful being and yearns for a trouble free existence, where all people regardless of their colour or creed can live together in harmony and caring for each other. You are after all human beings who have had many lives in different countries, often with their own set of beliefs that may be different to what you have now.
Each of you has a responsibility to help those who you may look upon as lesser beings, as in the fullness of time there comes a point when progress depends on all souls having evolved beyond the Matter Universe. There is a time approaching very shortly when your vibrations will have become so refined that you will be ready to move into levels where you no longer need a material body. However, through your power of thought you will be able to “think” yourself into one as and when required. Indeed, much of your needs will be thought into being and in no way will they be as great as in your human body now. The power of your thought will enable you to instantly satisfy your needs.
To be enlightened is to be prepared and as you rise up you will know much of what to expect, and of course your Guides will always be on hand should you need assistance. Understand that once you have ascended you will find many things that are familiar to you, but because of the higher vibrations they will be radiant in colour and perfect in their presentation. You of course will retain your looks and abilities as a young person as in the higher level aging does not occur. Again through your power of thought you can “dress” yourself to suit your desires. Times are coming when you will leave the lower vibrations for all time.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.
In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.