Twin soul energy report: Alliance has won: 2020 year of disclosure


Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this precious and sacred moment of your time with very exciting news to share with all of you - dear souls who have been vibrationally drawn to these words.
We are coming forward to confirm what many of you are currently intuiting, and that is that we, as a Collective Consciousness are drawing closer and closer to the timeline of enmass collective Disclosure.
Beloveds, we would like to remind you that the collective disclosure that is imminent will have two elements to it. One element will be in the exposing of the dark elites vast and heinous crimes to humanity. We are so sorry brothers and sisters, there is nothing that we can do to soften the blow of what many of you are about to be exposed to - particularly with regards to the treatment of vulnerable children who have been in the foster care system, and the despicable actions that have been done by many of your politicians and so-called celebrities. However, may we remind you at this conjecture that the revealing of this information is ensuring that these horrific crimes can never ever happen again particularly to innocent children, and so we would invite you to find a sense of relief in knowing that this timeline of disclosure is guaranteeing the protection of many vulnerable children.
As well as the collective being exposed to the vast atrocities that have been inflicted upon humanity - we will also be exposed to the fact that there are a huge amount of off-planet technologies that have been either reverse engineered or indeed have been gifted to us by our off-planet brothers and sisters.
These technologies have been hidden and denied to humanity for such a large amount of time now. These technologies include the ability to age-reverse, the ability to instantly heal, the ability to grow back lost limbs, the ability to correct any genetic imbalances and Heal all dis-ease at its cellular core. There are technologies available that enable humans to walk through portals and Stargates to arrive on the moon in minutes, as well as interdimensionally travel all around the universe.
It is inevitable that there will be high levels of frustration experienced by many of you when you find out that these technologies have been denied to humanity for so long. So many of us have watched our loved ones be filled up with radiation and chemotherapy in order to eradicate dis-ease, as well as being pumped with highly toxic, poisonous, pharmaceutical drugs. Soon we will see that none of this was necessary and that everything (including the health and well being of humanity) has been controlled and manipulated for the purposes of profit and control.
Dearest brothers and sisters, you in the Starseed community, are surpassing all of our wildest expectations on the ascension evolutionary front. We are witnessing so many of you now stabilising in 5th-dimensional consciousness- in the zero-point field of consciousness with the understanding and full memory restoration that we are all in fact multi-dimensionally awakened avatars whose consciousness is operating concurrently on multiple dimensional timelines.
Please know that it is extremely powerful - one person stabilising in the Zero point and  please know that each individual that stabilizes creates a force field of Equilibrium and spiritual equanimity for literally 100 miles within the local vicinity (not to mention the vast areas it reaches in the higher realms) .
Therefore we encourage you all individually to set your intentions and align your priorities to stabilize in fifth-dimensional consciousness, and one way for that to be achieved very quickly is to understand what it means to truly love your beautiful divine Self.
What this actually means is that you dig deep and find gratitude towards the people and situations that trigger you -that show you the areas that you still need to grow and expand into, Dearest one, through YOU standing under your own shadow self (which is another way of saying The false program that Society has inflicted upon you) it is you that brings back all of these denied and neglected parts of yourself back to the Sacred Heart of your eternal presence.
Self-love Contains the wisdom to know of our shadow aspects and to willingly step forward as our own parental self, To step forward and stand under this Aspect in order to bring it Back into the light of our holy Self.
We Listen deeply to Our wounded self, Holding space for her, and Validating her experiences. Remembering that this is An ancient alchemy that is activated which Transforms the lead of our egoic consciousness into the gold of our highest Christed self.
This is self-love this is true self-love in Action. this is the work that every soul has signed up to take on and master. This is the alchemy of the Soul that all the great philosophers and teachers speak about.
Another extremely powerful way to stabilize in 5th-dimensional consciousness is to become addicted to being grateful for everything in your life, every person in your life and every blessing that mother Father God has bestowed upon you. It would serve you well to spend a vast amount of your day saying thank you. Please know that this one action will raise your vibration faster than any other thing that we could possibly suggest.
The energies are now building up towards the 2:2 portal and Imbolc. our beloved channel Jen McCarty is being guided to facilitate a powerful transmission in order to assist the galactic forces of light who are currently under orders to completely take back energetically the moon. The moon was originally placed in our solar system aeons ago from another planetary body and has been very vulnerable to certain nefarious energies that have not had humanity's greatest interest at heart. In this transmission, we are being called to gather a large group of star-seeds together in order to do a 4D takeover or hijack you could say of the moon in order to fully place the moon vibrationally back in the hands of the forces of light.
We are also being guided to send our potent Awakened divine frequencies to the underground tunnels and bases that have been created underneath the Earth's surface (All of these tunnels connect via magnetic train lines that travel at the speed of 17000 miles an hour) to every single place in and under the Earth.
The alliance is taking over these military bases that are underground, but it has been brought to our attention that angelic energetic assistance is required in order to to create highly conducive frequencies that will support the complete cleanup of the underground bases and the extremely dark nefarious activities that have been taking place in these vast underground colonies.
This is extremely high-level work that we - the awake ground crew are being called to initiate for all of our brothers and sisters on planet Earth and beyond. Please see below for the full details on how to book on the 2:2 Imbolc transmission
We will also be working with the powerful sacred energies of Bridget who is the Guardian spirit Who watches over the potent ceremonial day of IMBOLC, and all those who come forward to take part in this ceremony will receive a highly auspicious blessing from Bridget who is the lady of the lake or the lady of Avalon - she who energetically resides in and over Avalon.
This blessing will help all of us on the twin soul path and will send out necessary frequencies to our true vibrational counterparts assisting them to come into vibrational alignment in order to manifest these important sacred union's for the Earth and beyond.
There are a vast number of genuine twin soul Unions which will be anchoring and grounding onto the physical realm around the time of Beltane which is the 1st of May 2020.
Please know that I have received powerful visions of an unprecedented wave of genuine twin Souls coming into Union between Beltane on May 1st 2020 and the 8:8 lions gate 2020.
Please know that all of the work that we are guided to do in the transmissions is energetically fast-tracking ourselves to ground and anchor these important sacred unions for the Earth and beyond.
Thank you so much for listening brothers and sisters we understand that this message may affect some of you deeply, but it is important that you who are reading these words are familiarised with the timeline of disclosure prior to it fully landing on the earthly realm, as your brothers and sisters. uncles and aunts and mothers and fathers need you to be clued up with this information in order to support them when DISCLOSURE HAPPENS.
in love and eternal light jenji and the white wolf tribe