Our Greatest Challenge

December 16, 2019 by Steve Beckow

The forces that oppose global peace, unity, and harmony fall into three types.

The first type is the deep state, which chose decades ago to precipitate World War III, reduce the population to a docile 500 million slaves, and assume full-spectrum dominance over the planet. (1)

The second is the authoritarian culture which enforces a top-down rule over its population and punishes dissent up to and including suppression or cleansing of such ethnic groups as the Rohingya, Uighurs, and indigenous populations.

The third is a global patriarchal culture which uses rape, murder, pedophilia, child labor, forced marriage, honor killings, and other means to subjugate women and children.

Each of these share the common strategy of organizing their societies around the creation of an “enemy,” against whom their propaganda is aimed and their forces marshaled.  Militarism, genocide, and patriarchy are the results.

Many of them create more than one enemy – one internal and one external. For instance, Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf postulated the Jewish “enemy” within Germany and the Bolshevik “enemy” without.

Though the population at large may not share our viewpoint (yet), we lightworkers know that the energies of love rising on this planet are our best support in meeting these challenges. We also know that galactic civilizations ensure that no nuclear weapons can be used and no war will break out.

And finally we know that it isn’t part of the Divine Plan that the forces of subjugation and exploitation will achieve their goals. Their attempts to continue in power are destined to fail.

What’s most important is the nature of the world society that emerges once these three forces are spent. If we meet these forces with conflict and punishment, we’ll perpetuate the patterns of the controllers into the New Age.

Archangel Michael told us in March of 2019:
“The key to creating Nova Earth is not about punishment and retribution. … If the pattern of imprisonment continues, of shackling, rather than re-education or redirection, then that is the paradigm that will continue upon this planet.” (2)

Our weapons in this battle are love and peace, harmony and unity. And never has it been more important to “hold the line,” so to speak. I called this our finest hour in an earlier article. (3) It can be that … or it can perpetuate the ills of the world into the foreseeable future.

The latter is something we can’t allow.

We want the patterns of subjugation and oppression to stop. But we don’t want to stop them by perpetuating them. The New Age is not new if it’s built on those foundations.

Whether it be the gilets jaunes, climate activists, or citizen protesters, womens-rights activists or military white hats, our actions have to be as firm as they need to be to protect the innocent but nothing more. They cannot be allowed to be either punishing or hate-filled.

This may be our finest hour. I hope it is. But it certainly will be our greatest challenge.

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