November 28, 2019 | Jenji and the white wolf tribe

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time on the wings of the great great 12:12 master portal.
Dearest ones, the galactic energies that are currently pouring into earth are truly unprecedented and have exceeded all previous levels of photonic light influx into this planetary matrix.
For many of you reading these words, this is currently manifesting as heightened Ascension symptoms, and this is due do to these powerful photonic gamma rays intermingling with humanity's DNA, creating and activating the transformation of our carbon forms into our crystalline forms which is occurring on an individual and collective level.
Our advice to those of you who are vibrationally drawn to these words is to be very gentle with yourselves and others during these energetic spikes, children particularly are very sensitive to these incoming energetic waves, and it is advisable to exercise a deeper level of empathy and compassion towards all young people at the moment,and the coping mechanism they are adopting to deal with the assimilation of these new energies.
Beloveds there are a vast number of twin Souls that are destined to come into Union in this particular Ascension gateway, and this is largely due to the profound work that the awakened divine feminine has been doing for herself in the last few months.
Many many divine feminines are now skillfully addressing the issue of aligning their sacred sexuality with their spirituality, and this includes healing any last residues of shame and guilt associated with their sexuality and sexual pleasure zones/stargates in their body.
For many, this is the final piece that will bring in the twin soul union, as it is highly appropriate that the Divine feminine now once and for all stand in the position of spiritual leadership in service to her divine brother, available to assist him in his Atonement through her own Remembrance of her sacred, eternal and perpetual Innocence as mother/ father God's daughter, remembering that it is through her Innocence that she is able to remind her divine masculine of his eternal Innocence as God's son.
The words that we are sharing here are so important and so powerful, and for many of you will produce significant AHA moments which have the power to completely change your current timeline from one of celibacy and being single to sexual and divine Union.
Again we reiterate the importance of the Divine feminine remembering that she is a spiritual leader and that she must step out of the old paradigm of waiting for the Divine masculine to arrive on his white horse to whisk her off into the Fifth Dimension. For the vast majority of the 144000 way showers this is simply not the way it has been designed by our creator,. and it is time now for the Divine feminine to stop the illusion of waiting and truly take her stand as the spiritual leader and guide in her sexual relationships. (particularly at the beginning as she is reminding the divine masculine how to hold space for her and heal her) 
Dearest ones the next portal of great significance will be the 12:12. This most profound gateway is a culmination of all of the extraordinary evolutionary transformation that every single one of you who are reading these sacred words has experienced in this last 12-month cycle.
The 12:12 portal is decreed to be a grand celebration of the wondrous extraordinary breakthroughs that many of us dear starseeds have experienced in this last year.
May we inform you most beloved precious children of this exquisite Earth, that we are so proud of all you on the Frontline of this current planetary Ascension. Those of you that are known by many as the way showers, the leaders of the new paradigm, the facilitators, the gatherers, the stabilized ones who are holding a 5th dimensional frequency, just as a radio is able to willingly tune into any station at will, please remember dearest ones that absolutely everything comes down to a choice, and this is why enlightenment is so very very simple, and this is why all of those who genuinely awaken laugh, they laugh because they realise that they had the choice all along, and it took them till this moment to make that choice, and that is why those of you who are awake, laugh at the foolishness of those previous choices that were made.
These words are infused with codes that communicate directly to your galactic DNA that which was programmed at the moment of your birth to align and Awaken at this precise moment.
All of this has been in preparation for the Divine twin soul unions that are destined to Anchor in the next 12 month cycle, for Indeed, for many 2019 will be remembered as a detoxification year, And this has all been in preparation for these great grand unions that are now anchoring on this beautiful earthly plane, as we gallop triumphantly into the cosmic year of 2020
We so look forward to Gathering with you dearest ones for the 12:12, celebration portal, that we may come together to celebrate the accomplishments of this powerful wonderous year. 
It is our deepest honour and privilege to invite you all to come forward for the powerful and highly auspicious 12:12 galactic portal transmission.
In this transmission we are being guided to work with our Pleiadian brothers and sisters who are coming forward at this time to assist us collectively and individually to completely dismantle from the distorted age degeneration Matrix. This lifetime, it is prophesied that we will as a collective species activate our crystalline light bodies, and thus escape the controlled agenda of premature ageing that was implemented at the time of humanity's DNA manipulation aeons ago by the Old archaic powers that were. We are also being guided to activate the ABUNDANCE codes within our own individual energetic field and also within the collective field. The lack program is another distortion that was allowed to take place by the old archaic powers that were who had the intention to cut us off from the source energy.
In this transmission we are being guided to restore for ABUNDANCE codes within our own energetic field in order to neutralize any karma that may have accrued that has come from Old timelines of manipulation and lack. Please know brothers and sisters that when we come together in a unified group consciousness setting on a global scale with the intention to set forth these new timelines into the collective grid. Please no there is truly nothing more powerful in this universe.
please see below for full details on how to book onto this powerful and life-changing transmission.
There is no Force stronger in this universe than God the Creator.
Victory to the light brothers and sisters…
Victory to the light.
We gather again on the 12:12
It will be a privilege to meet with you there
In Love and eternal Light Jenji and the white wolf tribe