Dianne Robbins: Monthly Message from the Crystal Kingdom

The Crystal People compose a Nation very much like ours, only theirs is Underground, dimly lit to our eyes but bright as the noonday sun, ever wanting to make contact with humans on the surface. They are already in contact with Earthlings underground, and wish for our acknowledgement and contact now.

Hello from the Crystal People
And now the Crystal People are here. Yes, you knew it was us. You felt our presence and saw our image in your mind’s eye. We, too, would like to be represented to surface folk, so that they can hear our tale and learn about our living presence and our connectiveness to all life forms also. For we are also alive, breathing, and carrying records of events and history of the Earth in our crystalline matrix. Although we look like rocks, our skin reflects the great Beings of Light that we, too, are. We are smooth as glass, and clear as Crystal, for we are Crystal in its purest form, and we radiate the Light from the heavens, and capture its essence in our form. We can encode all life events in our crystalline matrix, which you can read back, once you learn how to break our code. This code combination is stored inside your DNA, ready to be accessed as soon as you raise your frequency just a few more notches.

Oh my, we have so much “in store” for you, just waiting to be told. We ask that you please take our dictations to humankind, for the purpose of enlightening all surface folk to the rich life and purpose of our existence too. All life forms have purpose on Earth, and we want to tell you about ours. It is time for all to know of the lifestyles we live deep within the Earth’s crust, and how we can be partners with you during your lifetimes. How we want to feel your touch and have you hold us close to your hearts. 
We, too, have a romance with one another, and we are your new partners in life’s dance.
We love you,
Earth’s Crystals

Copyright © Dianne Robbins